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Webcast – The Role of Women in Digital Transformation

Webcast – The Role of Women in Digital Transformation

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The webinar- “The role of women in digital transformation” was presented by Mr.Ashok Pamidi- CEO, NASSCOM Foundation. The event was moderated by Mr. Rajiv Jayaraman- CEO & Founder, KNOLSKAPE.

The webinar which had 250 people participating focused on how we, as communities, can find, explore, and develop the competencies and talents of women who play such a crucial role in digital transformation initiatives across industries.

The webinar was opened by Mr. Rajiv Jayaraman, who spoke about KNOLSKAPE’s digital offerings highlighting testimonials from women leaders of KNOLSKAPE’s clientele who endorse KNOLSKAPE’s offerings. Rajiv touched upon the Digital BLUR™ framework emphasizing key leadership competencies that leaders need to develop across the Digital BLUR™ to champion digital initiatives in their respective organizations.

This was followed by an engaging and insightful talk by Ramya Lakshmanan– Director, Customer Success, who, through an interactive quiz, spoke about the role of women in technology. The highlight of this talk by Ramya was the 3P’s for organizations to enable women to overcome challenges in technology.

  1. People- By making diversity and Inclusion an organizational priority
  2. Process- Creating long term systems and processes to enable women’s performance across roles
  3. Product- Build inclusive solutions that address a woman’s needs

The Keynote speaker- Mr. Ashok Pamidi, underlined key statistics on how enabling digital technologies for women can create significant economic value. He spoke extensively on key segments where the monetary value can rise by 2025 if women are given the right resources and opportunities to flourish across industries. People are at the heart of digital transformation, and Mr. Ashok pointed out examples of women thriving in the corporate sector, leading digital transformation initiatives.

The webinar was well-received, and participants had interesting insights to take back.

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