HRExchange Corporate Learning APAC 2021

Webcast – Importance of Data Literacy

Webcast – Importance of Data Literacy

HRExchange Corporate Learning APAC 2021
Importance of Data Literacy

About the event

Recently, Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder – CEO, KNOLSKAPE was invited to participate as one of the panels at the HR Exchange Live Corporate Learning APAC Event on 23rd November 2021. It was a one-day long event with 7 sessions across different stages.

Rajiv spoke on the significance of data literacy. Here are a few points he covered during the event-

  • Importance of data and it’s visualization in decision making
  • Distinguishing between data, information and insight
  • Fundamentals of data visualization
  • Reduce clutter and enable insight generation
  • Structured storytelling through data visualization

Watch the Webcast

“We are surrounded by “intelligent” devices today that are generating data 24x7x365. Organizations that succeed in the future will be the ones that know how to use this data for their core business.”

Rajiv Jayaraman, CEO & Co-founder, KNOLSKAPE

Rajiv also shared his insights on how important is data visualization in this digital age. He says, “Some say data is the new oil, others say data is the new soil, and yet others say data is the new oxygen or electricity. Call it whatever you want, the point is data offers an extraordinary opportunity for wealth creation in the digital age.”
If you would like to view the full presentation, please visit this link

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