Virtual Learning

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Prior to COVID-19, corporate training was conducted in a classroom setting where the learners had to sit still and listen. However, after the pandemic, virtual learning soared in unimaginable ways.

Because virtual learning is more accessible, efficient, and interactive than in-person learning, you can expect a lasting impact out of it.
Our virtual learning programs not only save you hours by not having to commute but also offer personalized content at your convenience.

With virtual learning, the sky’s the limit! You can pick your own learning journey and study at your own pace. No time zone constraints! No location barrier!

Collaborative, Interactive, and Engaging sessions

Designed to address the unique needs of your leaders, virtual learning solutions by KNOLSKAPE ensure that attendees listen, interact and retain their learnings.

We take your leaders on an amazing learning journey by introducing GAMIFICATION in the virtual classroom. We also reward learners on achieving milestones. This helps to enhance learner engagement and incite curiosity.

A virtual setting designed to help leaders understand how their actions or behaviors would affect others is essential to ensure long-term success. And that’s where KNOLSKAPE’s virtual learning solutions enter in!

Facilitator-led virtual sessions

Led by our skilled facilitators, the virtual sessions provide a safe, dynamic and interactive hands-on experience to upskill your leaders. Concerned about your learners’ geographical dispersal? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Engaging sessions

Bid adieu to old-school webinars! Take a look at our facilitator-led virtual courses designed to keep participants glued to the screen.

Facilitator network

Facilitator network of 350+ facilitators spread across 60 countries- Turkey, US, Europe, Philippines, China and Egypt, to name a few.

TTT model

We make your L&D heads adept at educating their team members via TTT or Train-the-Trainer model. Within the TTT model, there is no need to train a massive pool of trainers. Just enroll one trainer in the course and he/she can further coach others.

Self paced formats

Looking to upgrade your skills but hampered by your busy schedule? Virtual learning solutions from KNOLSKAPE can be your rescue!

Learn from our self-paced formats curated to fit your learning style.

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