Using Technology To Personalize Your Organization’s Learning Programs

Using Technology To Personalize Your Organization’s Learning Programs

Using Technology To Personalize Your Organization’s Learning Programs

Using Technology To Personalize Your Organization’s Learning Programs

There is a growing awareness of how important it is to have a good work-life balance. In order to achieve this, employees are sometimes reluctant to participate in a learning program, and instead focus on getting work done or spending time with family and friends.

This can make it extremely difficult for the organization’s learning and development team to engage employees in the learning program, drive more attendance and hence get better return on investment from their training offerings. Trust technology to come to the L&D team’s rescue. Using technology, the team can design learning paths and programs that are highly personalized and engaging, delivered in a meaningful way, and continued in a reasonable time frame. Here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Making the Learning Program Personal:

This is perhaps the most crucial element of the learning program. However, it is also the most ignored, because invariably, most learning programs are designed to cater to a large group of participants. This can seem to be a catch-22 situation, however, the solution lies in using technology creatively.

One of the most cost effective yet extremely impactful methods to personalize your learning program to suit individual requirements is by using immersive gamification. Immersive gamification is imparting online experiential learning through business simulations. These simulations are compatible with both online and instructor driven courses. They have a universal appeal across generation and organization levels, and are much more effective than normal gamification, because these are closer to real life and cause tangible behavioral change.

Add a Dash of Fun and Making Learning Social:

Other approaches include flipping the classroom, where participants can solve case studies by themselves using a problem solving methodology and then brainstorm during the learning program.

Organizations are finding that providing employees with flexibility of schedule and learning styles is improving learning outcomes. In order to develop new skills, employees are willing to put an extra effort, most often from their own schedule while accommodating their diverse scheduling conflicts. However, this happens only if they see value in the learning program.

Friendly competition can get even the most laidback employees to participate. By adding the traditional aspects of gamification such as points, leaderboards and badges, participants can challenge each other, showcase their completed activities and advancement. They can also motivate other participants by sharing best practices and hence promote a more collaborative work environment.

Learning and Development professionals share a common goal: to help people reach their potential. To truly be successful, L&D leaders need to motivate and inspire people to learn, grow, and take on new challenges. In this series, we have seen how technology can solve constraints around lack of budgets, time and motivation and help L&D teams create successful learning programs.

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