Unconscious Bias_Simulation_KNOLSKAPE

The ‘UnBias’ Simulation: Product Launch

The ‘UnBias’ Simulation: Product Launch

Unconscious Bias_Simulation_KNOLSKAPE
Overcoming Unconscious Biases at Work

About the Event

Biases in the workplace cost organizations not only customer goodwill but also employee engagement. In addition to losing valuable talent due to prejudiced treatment, organizations also suffer from the loss of richness in perspective that a more diverse and inclusive organization can benefit from. Organizations seen to be biased – or even passively tolerant of biases – are no longer seen as attractive employers; instead, it is the diverse and inclusive organization that the next generation is aspiring to join.

We have designed the ‘UnBias’ simulation recognizing that the key challenge is in enabling a shift in mindset about how to deal with biases rather than the specifics of bias itself. Whether it’s anchoring bias, confirmation bias, halo or horns effect, or any other kind of bias, those who aspire to be less biased want to know how they can detect the presence of bias and mitigate its effects on their thoughts, actions and decisions.

Join us as KNOLSKAPE launches the ‘UnBias’ simulation that has been designed for optimum retention and recall of concepts and practical strategies in our learners. The simulation offers learners a safe space to explore, experiment and experience recognizing the presence of biases and managing them. Since biases in real life can influence relationships significantly and, often, irreversibly, the simulation becomes a safe virtual world where failure has no permanent consequences – except an ‘a-ha!’ moment for the learner!


  • Introduction
  • Product Launch
  • Q&A

Date & Time

27-April-2022 | 02:00 pm (SGT, MYT) / 11:30 am (IST)

Duration: 1 hour


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