The Rubik’s Connection

The Rubik’s Connection


As soon as we opened Google yesterday, the doodle surprised us. While each of us was trying to solve the Rubik’s cube, we wondered why are we celebrating the birthday of the Rubik’s cube. How many products have their birthdays celebrated? But this one really deserves; as it has managed to fascinate and engage millions across varied age groups, making it the world’s top-selling puzzle game ever with over 350 million cubes sold till now. Solving it involves number of algorithms and techniques that stimulates the brain.

Out of all the puzzles that have ever been created, why does the Rubik’s cube stand apart? How can it continue to successfully fascinate the young and old, in this age of facebook and video games? I guess, it is the combination of experiences as you learn, that makes it unique. As Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”.

Rubiks Cube  Rubiks Cube

For us, at KNOLSKAPE, the association is natural and nothing can        represent what we stand for, more accurately. Hence we take pride that our logo is inspired by the Rubik’s cube. This value has transcended into our learning products; which are smart, fun and hands-on. Our award-winning immersive gamification and simulation products, are similar, in more ways than one, to the Rubik’s cube. Here are four ways which we deem closest:

  • You will learn to solve a Rubik’s cube only by solving it – not by reading: We live and breathe by the concept of “Experiential learning” – learning through reflection on doing. Keeping with this philosophy, we develop engaging, immersive and real life-like products and services such as business simulations, animated videos, case platforms and gamified e-learning.
  • With Practice, solving Rubik’s cube becomes easy: Though this is applicable for acquiring any skill, the solving of Rubik’s cube becomes progressively easier the more you practice. Unfortunately, in real life, you do not always get an opportunity to practice before you act. Sometimes, one might end up doing costly mistakes in the process of learning. That is why our simulations provide a safe learning environment which is effective in imparting both tangible and intangible skills.
  • Rubik’s cube is fun: You don’t get bored with a Rubik’s cube, no matter how many times you solve it. Our products (simulations, gamified e-learning, video based learning programs), in the same spirit, are highly engaging. Immersive gamification is a core feature in each and every product of ours.
  • Rubik’s cube has an appeal across Generations: The fact that Rubik’s cube is popular at the age of 40, is a testimony for its multi-generational appeal. Likewise, our products strike a chord with people across levels in organizations. While traditional training methods are struggling to engage the millennials, our simulations enthuse a global, multi-gen workforce across nationalities and of all ages.

With these ideas strongly etched in our minds, we at KNOLSKAPE, have embarked on a mission to make learning fun, hands-on and smart. Thanks, Rubik’s cube, for the inspiration!

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