Safe Learning Environments Are Necessary

Safe Learning Environments Are Necessary

Safe Learning Environments Are Necessary

Safe Learning Environments Are Necessary

Pilots undergo rigorous flight simulator exercises before they are allowed to man an actual aircraft. Doctors practice their skills on a cadaver long enough before they are allowed to do the real thing. When stakes are high, when lives are impacted, when actions are irreversible, it is imperative that safe learning environments be created where the real world is simulated and learners can experience reality in a safe manner.

Come to think of it, modern businesses are also high stakes, they also impact lives immensely and the actions of business managers are often irreversible. Doesn’t it logically follow that business managers should also undergo such a training process? This is the philosophy behind KNOLSKAPE’s products. We create experiential training products that enable managers learn in a safe environment where trial and error is the encouraged way of learning.

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KNOLSKAPE is a global leader in experiential learning with a mission to help organizations and employees become future ready. Using a large award-winning portfolio of simulations aligned with 100+ competencies and cutting-edge talent intelligence, KNOLSKAPE produces stellar outcomes for more than 375+ organizations across 75 countries. Driven by research and thought leadership, KNOLSKAPE offers its products and solutions in a flexible subscription model powered by omni-channel delivery.

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