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Philips leverages KNOLSKAPE integrated assessment and development solution

Philips leverages KNOLSKAPE integrated assessment and development solution

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KNOLSKAPE helps Philips Lighting transform team management and adopt change.


PHILIPS is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam. Established in 1891, PHILIPS is well known in the electronics, healthcare, and lighting sectors, employing over 120,000 people, and with sales and service operations across 100 countries. 

2016 saw the organization splitting into two key businesses – HealthTech (Healthcare and Consumer Goods), and Lighting. Because of this split, the newly formed Philips Lighting underwent several changes:          

  • The organization became flatter, resulting in larger teams, and fewer people managers    
  • The business model changed from conventional to hi-tech    
  • The sales model evolved from being product-led to concept-led

These changes mandated a transformation in managing and leading teams. 


In India, Philips Lighting has 100 people managers, who needed to play a crucial role in helping the entire organization acclimatize to the changes stemming from the split. To do so, the people managers themselves needed to be better equipped to adapt to the change, and to lead the change within their own teams, keeping in mind that they now managed larger teams The target audience was geographically dispersed, had different learning timeslots and learning styles, and worked across different business functions and business units. Therefore, conventional classroom-based interventions would have proven impossible to deliver and administer The target audience came with different levels of experience. Hence, it was important that before any developmental intervention was delivered, the people managers be assessed on their current capabilities, strengths, and areas of improvement

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To read how KNOLSKAPE’s solution delivered results, download the complete case study

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