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“We are on a mission to revolutionize the corporate learning and assessment practice by providing new-age products and solutions to ignite new ways of thinking and help organizations unlock the potential of people, teams and business. With a winning formula in hand, we are looking for strategic partnerships with organizations with the same vision as us. A partnership with KNOLSKAPE means offering your clients and their learners the opportunities of immersive, experiential learning solutions and technologies for accelerated employee development and success in the digital age. For us, it means developing the potential of the global workforce, one organization at a time”.

 – Rajiv Jayaraman

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I would like to start by thanking KNOLSKAPE for the immense and continued support we have received as partners over the course of the last 14-15 months. At FocusU, one of our core beliefs is that learning should be engaging, not boring, and should pique a learner's interest and curiosity. Our partnership with KNOLSKAPE further deepens that belief as their award-winning immersive business simulations coupled with our deep expertise in facilitation helps us to drive learning engagement for our customers with concrete outcomes, analytics, and takeaways. With this partnership, we are able to deliver gamified competency-based learning programs that are well suited for the new-agelearners and are all the more important during the current time. Our overall experience of working with all the KNOLSKAPE team members has been seamless. I would especially like to highlight their promptness in resolving any queries that we have, their agility and understanding to accommodate any requests that we may have, and the enthusiasm and efforts put in by everyone to make this a successful partnership. Once again, thank you and cheers to our partnership 🙂
Kiran Kalpade
Kiran Kalpade FocusU Engage
As a business partner, we are pleased to partner with KNOLSKAPE since 2018. It has been a great collaboration and partnership. When starting our partnership, KNOLSKAPE closely works with us to explore Indonesian market and discuss the possible business model that fits with the market. We also experience wonderful support in the implementation process. On one occasion, we need to develop and certified more than 30 facilitators with several KNOLSKAPE’s digital simulations modules in only 1,5 months. KNOLSKAPE gave their full support and they are very agile with the process to make it efficient yet still effectives. Partnering with KNOLSKAPE, with its unique digital solutions, enrich our value and unique selling point to the market. With this fast-changing world, KNOLSKAPE fast innovation in developing new products brings a new breath to our market.
Aloysia Alfra Phalestie
Aloysia Alfra Phalestie Daya Dimensi Indonesia

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KNOLSKAPE is a global leader in experiential learning with a mission to help organizations and employees become future ready. Using a large award-winning portfolio of simulations aligned with 100+ competencies and cutting-edge talent intelligence, KNOLSKAPE produces stellar outcomes for more than 375+ organizations across 75 countries. Driven by research and thought leadership, KNOLSKAPE offers its products and solutions in a flexible subscription model powered by omni-channel delivery.

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