Top 5 reasons why bite-sized learning could be the ‘The New Black’ of corporate learning

KNOLSKAPE at Transcendence 2017

KNOLSKAPE at Transcendence 2017

Top 5 reasons why bite-sized learning could be the ‘The New Black’ of corporate learning

KNOLSKAPE was a proud Diamond Sponsor for TRANSCENDENCE ’

TRANSCENDENCE ’17 was the first of the series of annual conferences where current & future leaders could learn, grow, transform and be a part of an evolving legacy. It facilitated a much-required dialogue among different stakeholders, disseminated the resulted collaborative knowledge, developed new partnerships and evolved ideas for concrete action. The purpose was to create a synergetic platform to explore possibilities, co-create ideas and ‘transcend’ in the space of OD. The aim was to host a forum conducive to bring forth cutting-edge ideas and raise various possibilities for what lies ‘next’, in different sectors.

Themes of the Conference

  • Conscious and Compassionate Being: To believe, behave and become
  • Transforming Lives: Reaching newer paradigms for a better tomorrow
  • Agile Leadership: Championing change and flux for business excellence
  • Expansive Learning: Redefining learning to embrace wider horizon of possibilities
  • Co-creating Emancipation: Unleashing true potential for collective autonomy
  • Pro-action & Ambidexterity: Exploring and Balancing the internal possibilities and external opportunities
  • Sustainable Systems: Designing systems that last

Who all attended the conference?

Business Leaders| OD Practitioners/Consultants| Thought leaders|

HR Professionals| Students| Academicians| Entrepreneurs

Location:TISS Convention Centre, Mumbai


KNOLSKAPE provides talent transformation solutions for the Modern Workplace covering three key areas: Assessment, Development, and Engagement. By leveraging experiential technologies, industry and business contextualization, and rich talent analytics, KNOLSKAPE can accelerate learning, transform employee experience and boost productivity. More than 200 clients in 17 countries have benefited from KNOLSKAPE’s award-winning experiential solutions.

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