Mapping competencies - what's new, what's next?

Mapping competencies – what’s new, what’s next?

Mapping competencies – what’s new, what’s next?

Mapping competencies - what's new, what's next?

by Foram Pandya

For many years now, L&D professionals have been using the practice of mapping a set of skills, related knowledge and behaviors to competencies required for successful performance of tasks within specific job functions. This approach has worked reasonably well for many years and has helped L&D professionals align employee performance with organizational goals.

However, in the modern workplace, job responsibilities have become fluid and sometimes unpredictable. With paradigm shifts taking place in the way organizations work, ensuring a robust talent strategy in the VUCA world is a critical success factor. Many organizations are now starting to look at a “post competency” paradigm.

For decades, these workplace competencies have been instrumental in identifying the most promising candidates and to predict their performance. But as the landscape continues to evolve, are they still relevant?

With an intent to seek answers, KNOLSKAPE co-hosted an engaging tweet chat in collaboration with People Matters. The buzzing tweet chat had 6 industry thought leaders as panelists, invited by KNOLSKAPE. Other participants of this tweet chat comprised of HR and L&D leaders from across industries.

So, “Are competencies still relevant in the modern workplace?”

Let’s take a look at a few responses from our panelists & participants:

Q1. How do you map individual competencies at your organization?

Q2. What are some common challenges you face while identifying talent training needs in the VUCA world?

Q3. What are the advantages of competency-based learning, from an HR standpoint?

Q4. What are the challenges in aligning role competencies to individual skills?

Q5. What is the key takeaway from today that you wish to incorporate in your talent strategy?

For a complete round-up of this #MWL tweet chat, check out our Storify here.

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