Why Your Learning Style Matters and How to Improve Your LQ

Why Your Learning Style Matters and How to Improve Your LQ


From the time we take our first steps, till the time we cease to exist; two things are true and omnipresent: learning and growth. Have you noticed that everyone talks about intelligence and emotional quotient, but seldom about Learning Quotient (LQ)! Before we ponder on this question let us first see what Learning Quotient is. Simply put, it is the ability to manage your learning environment to meet your learning needs.

How wonderful would it be if we have tools and methods to increase and manage our learning capacity? One of the ways to increase your Learning Quotient is by identifying your Learning Style.

We all learn in different ways; to understand this better, let’s travel in time and visualize how the caveman discovered fire. If a group of cavemen had to come across the fire, each would have reacted differently.

  1. One of them would have seen the fire and pointed it out to his mate.
  2. The second one would have heard about it and spread the news.
  3. Another probably wrote about the incident.
  4. But the man who took courage to rub two stones accomplished it all.

In the above scenario, one would observe that the cave men perceived the idea of fire in different ways. Similarly, all of us have unique “learning styles”. To assess this, Neil D Fleming, a teacher from New Zealand, designed the VARK Model, which is an abbreviation for Visual, Auditory, Read/write, and Kinesthetic (VARK). He categorized typical learners into these categories, based on careful research and reflection on his experiences of teaching and learning over 40 years. It resulted in:

  • Using this understanding to bring a structure to individual as well as system learning.
  • Leveraging these individual learning styles to create effective learning programs.

All of us learn in a blended way, but there will always be one style which will be dominant. This can be identified based on the report generated by completing a VARK questionnaire. Thorough understanding of the learning style can lead to the development of your learning quotient intervention and result in creating conducive learning environment for an organization or an individual. In future articles, we will discuss each learning style in detail. Till then I will leave you with this famous quote-

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn”.

Benjamin Franklin

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