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Nov 16th, 2021 – KNOLSKAPE is thrilled to announce the release of our new offering, LEADING VIRTUAL TEAMS.

“We’re incredibly delighted. This is a topic that came out on the top of our list when we did our research. So, we decided to pick our brains on something akin to it. And here we are presenting our newly launched simulation on LEADING VIRTUAL TEAMS”

Rajiv Jayaraman- Founder and CEO, KNOLSKAPE

The launch happened on 16th November 2021, and we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback (in the form of poll surveys, attendees, and live simulation experiences).

Rajiv Jayaraman- Founder and CEO, KNOLSKAPE, kicked off the product launch event with a quick overview of KNOLSKAPE, post which he welcomed our guest speaker, Kapil Khaneja, Global Leader & India Head, BRITISH TELECOM, who graced our launch event with his valuable insights on virtual teams and the era of remote working. We appreciate his availability which contributed to our event’s success. The insights shared by Kapil inspired many attendees out there.

Moving ahead, we had our main segment of the day, i.e. Leading Virtual Teams (LVT) simulation launch and walk-through wherein our host and Chief Product Officer, Kalyan Teja Maganti led the presentation and walked us through the simulation environment. It was an engaging, compelling and interactive product tour showcasing high-value features.

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So, What is “Leading Virtual Teams”?

Leading Virtual Teams or LVT by KNOLSKAPE offers a safe environment where learners (in the role of a leader of a globally-distributed hybrid team) can experiment, fail, unlearn and relearn without real-world consequences. Inside the simulation, learners get to experience the same problems and conflicts that they struggle with in real life. The simulation focuses not only on the productivity of virtual teams but also on how a leader’s decisions can affect their teams’ overall energy levels.

The simulation lasts 30-40 minutes and is focused on-

  • Providing an immersive, experiential learning platform for discovering how to lead virtual teams.
  • Helping companies create a culture of successful virtual working.
  • Gives organizations the tools to get the most out of their virtual teams.

Just like the other simulations we have, LVT too is designed for optimum retention and recall in our learners.

The interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Interactions have been constructed in such a way that the learner gets instant feedback about the impact of their choices. A helpful, yet simplified scoring system gives the learner milestones to focus on. And a personalized user report at the end sums it all up for the learner in a nice, neat package.

“The simulation uses experiential learning methodology, where you will be working with a globally distributed team- how you deal with those challenges, and how you go about reaching your goal, constitute the core of this simulation. LVT also takes into account other aspects like team morale and motivation, which will, in turn, affect productivity and performance.”

Kalyan explained

What Are the Various Competencies That Get Measured Using Leading Virtual Team Simulation?

Considering this as one of the hottest topics in the market, we went a step ahead and dived into potential challenges leaders would encounter in virtual settings and what they could do to overcome them.

And in the process, we came up with an internally researched framework/model called DICED.

LVT is based on the DICED framework and measures the 5 different competencies, namely-

  • D-Drive for Results: What strategies do you use to drive your team towards results?
  • I-Inclusivity: How do you ensure that your team members are being heard, valued, and involved?
  • C-Communication: Is communication clear and effective?
  • E-Empathy: Are you taking into account individual concerns, pain points, hopes, and fears?
  • D-Delegation: Is your team trusted enough to take on delegation?

Who Benefits From the Simulation?

  • First-time Managers
  • Middle Managers/Leaders

Delivery Model

Omni Channel Delivery- The simulation applies not just to online or offline learning, but to any learning channel a learner might adopt. This is achieved by combining classroom, virtual, self-paced, and mobile-based learning based on each organization’s needs, culture, and environment.

In case you’re curious to know how the simulation can help your virtual team succeed, we’re pleased to talk through your goals and spend 30-40 minutes doing a quick demo for you or your team. Feel free to contact us!


KNOLSKAPE is one of the world’s best experiential learning platforms. Leveraging the world’s largest library of online business simulations, rich talent intelligence and a cutting-edge learning experience platform, KNOLSKAPE helps leaders and organizations develop future-ready leaders through experiential learning.

With direct presence in the US, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and partnerships with 20+ countries across the globe, KNOLSKAPE serves over 300 leading organizations across the globe and industries, reaching over 100,000 learners each year. Top B-Schools and Consulting Firms around the world partner with us as well to build, develop and deploy cutting-edge learning solutions.

A certified Great Place to Work® organization, KNOLSKAPE has also been recognized as a global top 20 gamification company and a leader in experiential learning by Brandon Hall, Frost & Sullivan, and Bersin by Deloitte.

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