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KNOLSKAPE Adds ‘Overcoming Unconscious Biases at Work’ Simulation-based Course in its Comprehensive Portfolio!

KNOLSKAPE Adds ‘Overcoming Unconscious Biases at Work’ Simulation-based Course in its Comprehensive Portfolio!

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April 27, 2022: In an endeavor to raise awareness about combating our unconscious biases, KNOLSKAPE has released its latest simulation – The UnBias.

The launch happened on the 27th of April 2022 at 11:30 am IST in a virtually hosted program. Anusuya Mathur, Director- Consulting, KNOLSKAPE began the session and gave a glimpse into the importance of being mindful before making perceptions at work. 

Along with Anusuya, we had Tulika Pandit, Lead- Content & Facilitation, KNOLSKAPE who moderated the session, walked us through the simulation, and delivered an engaging session. The session was further led by our guest speaker, Neha Sharma, Head of Talent, Learning and Culture at Bharti Airtel, who shared with us some interesting industry insights on the subject of unconscious biases. 

Neha said, “Bias is not about being right or wrong. It is about being conscious of some of these unconscious biases that we might have because down the line these unconscious biases really affect decision-making at work. This, in turn, results in creating organizations that are not inclusive and curb innovation.”

To make the session interactive, we introduced polls and Q&A segments for our audience to get their doubts clarified  about their understanding of unconscious bias. 

We asked our attendees about their experiences at work and if they had ever encountered a bias? Below is a snapshot of their responses:


Here’s what Tulika discussed during the program:

  • Introduction and Outcomes
  • Use Cases and Competencies
  • Simulation Preview
  • Report Preview

What is Unconscious Bias?

The challenge with organizations these days is that they focus so much attention on diversifying their culture that they forget about inclusion. And that is a problem we are trying to solve with our newest product – UnBias which shifts the focus from diversification to belongingness and inclusion. This simulation-powered course helps learners identify biases that slip in their thought processes and address them.

Value Proposition

The simulation relies on a structured experiential learning approach and enables learners to be extremely mindful of their decisions at work. Besides, it creates an environment that promotes rational thinking and decision-making.


Learning Outcomes

The simulation helps learners discover the impact of unconscious biases at work, recognize different unconscious biases, leverage a structured approach to combat biases, and become more inclusive.

Business Outcomes

On the business front, overcoming Unconscious Biases enables rational and effective people-management, builds a diverse workforce, and fosters an environment of inclusion and innovation within the team. 

Who Would Benefit Most from the Simulation?

  • First-time managers for their leadership journey
  • Middle managers and leaders for their leadership upskilling needs
  • Fresh hires and individual contributors for their onboarding
  • The entire organization in building a harmonious environment for professional relationships across teams.

Duration and Learning Format

The simulation has a duration of 25 minutes and can be accessed through a Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) course.


The simulation, ‘UnBias’ is founded on the KUTE framework:

K- Know your biases

The first step in overcoming biases is to acknowledge and identify them. It is essential to recognize how the presence of these unconscious biases influence our decisions and actions. 

U- Understand culture and context

Empathizing with people and situations is important. We should learn to understand different perspectives and be able to accept them. To bring any sustainable change in the workplace, we must empathize with others’ biases too.

T- Take action

Taking action to combat biases as an individual and group can help build a culture of inclusion. 

E- Establish change

Overcoming biases at work requires a methodical approach, and it starts with one’s commitment to establishing change in the behavior. 

KNOLSKAPE’s UnBias simulation offers the learners a safe space to explore, experiment, and experience recognizing ‌biases and managing them. Since biases in real life can influence relationships significantly and, often, irreversibly, the simulation becomes a safe virtual world where failure has no permanent consequences – except an ‘a-ha!’ moment for the learner!

Similar to all our simulations, UnBias too is designed for optimum retention and recall of concepts and practical strategies in our learners. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Interactions have been constructed in such a way that the learner gets instant feedback about the impact of their choices. 

A helpful, yet simplified scoring system gives the learners certain milestones to focus on. Each learner gets a personalized user report that can be downloaded at the end of the simulation and offers vital insights into their strengths and areas of improvement. 

If you’re interested in developing an organizational culture that is less susceptible to biases, contact us today. We’ll be glad to offer a quick demo for your team.

In case you missed the product launch event, here’s the link to the recording. Please take a look and keep us posted on any queries you may have!


At KNOLSKAPE, we enable organizations to develop a future-ready workforce through experiential learning. Through our large portfolio of Simulation Courses and Experiential Journeys, we help CXOs, Managers of Managers, Managers of Teams, and Future Managers/Individual Contributors keep up with the pace of innovation so that they’re better equipped to handle change. 

The world’s best brands (like Barclays, Pitney Bowes, Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few, and a host of other businesses in India) trust KNOLSKAPE with end-to-end talent transformation needs. 

So far, we’ve collaborated with 300+ leading organizations globally to provide learning and development opportunities to 400,000+ learners every year. Top B-Schools and Consulting Firms around the world also partner with us to build, develop, and deploy cutting-edge learning solutions.

Our global network of 350+ world-class facilitators is cherished by our global partners in over 20 countries who further extend our immersive solutions to a broader audience. Apart from that, we also have a direct presence in the USA, India, Singapore, and Malaysia- We’ve got a team of 120+ close-knit, dynamic, and strong KNOLLIES passionate about churning out surpassing results for our clients, day after day.

How Does KNOLSKAPE Stand Out in the Noise?

  • Large portfolio of Simulation Courses and Experiential Journeys
  • Comprehensive and Integrated Talent Intelligence
  • Cutting-edge Research and Thought Leadership
  • Flexible Engagement & Delivery Models

Awards/Credits Bagged Till Date-

  • A certified Great Place to Work® organization.
  • Global top 20 gamification company.
  • A global leader in Experiential Learning.
  • Leader in experiential learning by Brandon Hall, Frost & Sullivan, and Bersin by Deloitte.
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