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KNOLSKAPE Adds Another Much-Anticipated Product to Its Line-Up – Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work (EI@Work)

KNOLSKAPE Adds Another Much-Anticipated Product to Its Line-Up – Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work (EI@Work)

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Feb 24, 2022: KNOLSKAPE is pleased to introduce its newest simulation, Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work (EI@Work). Emotional Intelligence or “the ability to manage emotions” has become an imperative, especially in a workplace context where interpersonal relationships are transient and short-lived. 

The event was hosted on 24th of Feb 2022, at 11:30 am IST. We had Amrita Singh, AVP-Content Products KNOLSKAPE, and Sreeram Ramakrishnan, Consultant- Content Products KNOLSKAPE as moderators and session hosts, respectively.

The event began with a quick overview of KNOLSKAPE’s offerings followed by an interactive Q&A and poll to gauge audience opinion on the topic. 

A lot of research went into analyzing industry trends and proposing a hands-on offering that helps people at all levels get better at identifying and dealing with emotions. And the results so far have been off the roof. We’ve received so many requests already to run the simulation one more time. This is a clear sign that we’ve hit the mark.

About Developing EI@Work

The simulation has been developed to help learners understand and manage their own emotions while being able to comprehend and influence the emotions of others. To simply put, it allows learners to respond to situations thoughtfully, build authentic relationships within a team, and address interpersonal issues with confidence.

Concepts & Frameworks

We took reference from Emotional Intelligence theory which ties back to the 4 major competencies-

Self Awareness: When we’re aware of emotions (both yours and others), we learn how to handle them constructively. 

Self Management: In the middle of a tough situation, managing and identifying our own and others’ emotions can make your life easier. It helps inculcate a growth mindset at work. 

Social Awareness: Social Awareness implies tuning into others. We understand what the other person is going through. We feel where they’re coming from. We get their perspective. All of this can help us build a solid camaraderie with our team members. Social Awareness acts as a driving force to not just influence people but also build positive relationships, especially when a crisis strikes.

Relationship Management- Now that we’ve honed the art of managing stressful situations at work, and influencing people for the good, we ultimately become good at relationship management. 

“Developing EI @ work draws attention primarily to maintaining a balance of these 4 competencies- Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management,” said Amrita Singh AVP-Content Products KNOLSKAPE.

Duration of the simulation-

The simulation runs for 25 minutes.

Key Takeaways from the Simulation-

  1. Building your emotional vocabulary.
  2. Understanding and interpreting emotions.
  3. Deconstructing emotions so that one can understand the whys and wherefores.
  4. Addressing emotional states for better productivity and creativity in yourself and among others.
  5. Being empathetic in a way that builds stronger relationships and enables better teamwork​.

Who Would Benefit Most from the Simulation?

  • Leadership journey for first-time managers.  
  • Leadership upskilling for middle managers and leaders. 
  • On-Boarding of fresh hires and individual contributors.
  • Building a harmonious environment for professional relationships across the organization.

How Does Developing EI @ Work Contribute to Organizations’ Overall Performance?

  • Once applied in a gamified learning environment, the simulation helps learners create an emotionally-sensitive culture without compromising their business goals.
  • It also strengthens productivity, coordination, and collaboration among teams. 
  • It fosters a healthier, constructive, and happier working environment
  • It improves customer relations internally and externally​.

In a digitally-connected world, recognizing emotions is no longer an option but the dire need of the hour. The ability to be compassionate, resilient and empathetic will play a crucial role in helping leaders manage their teams and build a culture that fosters trust and empathy.

Emotional intelligence is important for people across cadres. It’s not reserved for certain roles. Given the times we live in, it is becoming harder for everyone to deal with emotions. The ones who struggle to cope with emotions often end up making matters worse at work by either trying to be people-centric or business-centric. Hence, leaders need to take a pause and understand how dealing with emotions intelligently can make a world of difference to their business and workforce. 

Are you interested in unleashing the power of Emotional Intelligence at work? Please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to discuss your specific requirements and design a journey to meet your needs. 


At KNOLSKAPE, we enable organizations to develop a future-ready workforce through experiential learning. Through our large portfolio of Simulation Courses and Experiential Journeys, we help CXOs, Managers of Managers, Managers of Teams, and Future Managers/Individual Contributors keep up with the pace of innovation so that they’re better equipped to handle change. 

The world’s best brands (like Barclays, Pitney Bowes, Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few, and a host of other businesses in India) trust KNOLSKAPE with end-to-end talent transformation needs. 

So far, we’ve collaborated with 300+ leading organizations globally to provide learning and development opportunities to 400,000+ learners every year. Top B-Schools and Consulting Firms around the world also partner with us to build, develop, and deploy cutting-edge learning solutions.

Our global network of 350+ world-class facilitators is cherished by our global partners in over 20 countries who further extend our immersive solutions to a broader audience. Apart from that, we also have a direct presence in the USA, India, Singapore, and Malaysia- We’ve got a team of 120+ close-knit, dynamic, and strong KNOLLIES passionate about churning out surpassed results for our clients, day after day.

How Does KNOLSKAPE Stand Out in the Noise?

  • Large portfolio of Simulation Courses and Experiential Journeys
  • Comprehensive and Integrated Talent Intelligence
  • Cutting-edge Research and Thought Leadership
  • Flexible Engagement & Delivery Models

Awards/Credits Bagged Till Date-

  • A certified Great Place to Work® organization.
  • Global top 20 gamification company.
  • A global leader in Experiential Learning.
  • Leader in experiential learning by Brandon Hall, Frost & Sullivan, and Bersin by Deloitte.
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