Instructor Led

For Learners Who Need Truly Personalized Interactions

When it comes to encouraging your leaders to take an unconventional approach towards problem-solving – one-to-one interaction with a facilitator can be incredibly beneficial.

Our instructor-led training sessions connect you with expert instructors in a virtual or classroom setting.  ILT provides face-to-face interaction so participants can assess their understanding right away. Furthermore, real-time feedback reinforces the learning process for participants.

On top of that, learners also get to collaborate with other attendees, just like in-person training.

Access to Expert Facilitators

Learn from our expert facilitators who ensure that all voices are heard.

The combination of KNOLSKAPE’s business simulations and expert facilitation creates a transformative experience for learners.  Our facilitators are seasoned, interactive, and focused on learner’s leadership development.

Learner Oriented

We put the leader's needs first. Our instructors sense where your leaders lack in their leadership journey. They then customize their approach to bridge the gap between theory and learning.

Instant Evaluation

The quicker the feedback, the more engaged and retained learners will be. Clarify your doubts instantly without having to juggle between what worked and what needs to be improved.

Led by Skilled ILT Facilitators

Great facilitation can transform your leaders from ordinary to extraordinary. Our facilitators have broad expertise in helping leaders make productive decisions. They mainly serve as instructional designers, coaches and managers across a wide range of industries.

Actionable Results

Actionable insights that allow learners to brush up on their skills and gain real-world experience.

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KNOLSKAPE is a global leader in experiential learning with a mission to help organizations and employees become future ready. Using a large award-winning portfolio of simulations aligned with 100+ competencies and cutting-edge talent intelligence, KNOLSKAPE produces stellar outcomes for more than 375+ organizations across 75 countries. Driven by research and thought leadership, KNOLSKAPE offers its products and solutions in a flexible subscription model powered by omni-channel delivery.

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