White Paper: Scaling Experiential Learning

White Paper: Scaling Experiential Learning



Scaling Experiential Learning – How organizations can maximize the impact of their upskilling initiatives

About the White Paper

Experiential learning is a way of learning about something by experiencing it first-hand. While it is not a newly-discovered or newly-defined methodology for upskilling, it has certainly been a dynamic field that has seen huge leaps forward every once in a while. As more organizations embrace more digital ways of working, there has been a paradigm shift in how organizations perceive and utilize experiential learning for the benefit of their people.

In this paper, we explore the ways in which organizations can ride this wave and scale up their experiential learning programs to benefit the largest possible cohorts in the most efficient ways possible. It is a problem that has been defined across 4 dimensions:

  1. How can organizations increase the number of people who are trained?
  2. How can organizations increase the number of skills that are being imparted?
  3. How can organizations build increasing levels of competencies in these skills among the learners?
  4. How can organizations increase the impact of learning initiatives on each of their learners?

To know more about scaling up experiential learning at your organization, you can download the complete white paper. 


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