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In Conversation With Nathan SV, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte on Building Digital Fluency

In Conversation With Nathan SV, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte on Building Digital Fluency

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“The Challenge Is Not the Mindset, but the Set Mind”

Nathan SV, Partner & Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte, on Shaping Digital Mindsets!

In an exclusive panel discussion with KNOLSKAPE, Nathan SV, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte India, shares his thoughts on building digital fluency, shaping mindsets, and bringing about a cultural change in the context of Deloitte. 

Meet Nathan SV:

Nathan is the partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte, India. He is a member of the India leadership team and serves on the talent executive leadership of Deloitte, Asia Pacific. 

Nathan carries with him over 30 plus years of experience in HR management across diverse industries. In addition, he has recently been appointed as the president of NHRD Network. 

Rajiv: How do you define and measure digital fluency in your organization? 

Nathan SV: Competence, agility, strategic use of technology for growth – personal or organizational – very output-oriented, improving skills, and excellent service for customers- Digital fluency is all about tying these aspects to bring about a very high digital quotient in your workforce, organizational operations, infrastructure, and most importantly, building the culture.

Rajiv: What does digital fluency mean in the context of Deloitte?

Nathan SV: We believe that digital fluency is a combination of people, clients, and processes. When it comes to our clients, we aim to make them more successful in their marketplace. As much as we can, we help our clients increase footfalls into their businesses. 

And for our people, it’s a lot about satisfaction- being happy at work. We’re moving away from typical, “Hey, have you done this?” to “It’s okay to do something wrong”.  

So, in a nutshell, digital fluency for us is moving away from control to strategy, innovation, and experience!

Rajiv: How do you build this level of awareness within senior leadership?

Nathan SV:  We have a governing board. The governing board is quite intrigued by what is happening with digital fluency.  

So, whatever we do at Deloitte is seen through the lens of people and clients. Because these are the 2 major markets we serve. 

We started to look at how we really delegate? 

How do we move away from delegation to empowerment? We need our people to be empowered. And we need this because 85% of Deloitte’s workforce today is millennials. So we said we need to have a millennial partner at the leadership level. And her only job is to make sure that all the aspirations of millennials-strategy, execution, and everything we do in the area of operations are through the lens of how a millennial would see it, and experience it. 

Therefore, bringing it all together and making sure the innovation happens. 

We have a Chief Innovation Officer. Because young people lead companies, his only job at the end is making sure you leave it in their hands. So a whole host of things have been done. And all this happened in the last 18 months. 

Also, KRA’s- We believe that we need to have goals for our people, particularly our leaders, because if they don’t get it, the way a millennial would get it, it’s wasteless. Governance definitely needs to be right for the change to happen. 

Rajiv: So many companies are losing their path in the digital age. Any guidelines in terms of things that have worked or haven’t worked? What are some mindsets you’re looking to build in your organization?

Nathan SV:  Our problem is not really about the mindset, it’s about the set mind. How do we change that, especially when organizations are decades old? For example, my organization is 175 years old. In India, it’s 125 years old. 

But then, if you have a whole bunch of people who are thinking one side and moving one side and you have another set of people who are part of the leadership thinking differently- How do you make sure everyone is on the same page? 

The pandemic has been a fantastic teacher. Speed, the art of the possible.

It’s about how do we make things easy? Secondly, we got to find ways that we forcibly use things like empowering. And you got to move out of delegation. 

Anytime you ask this question- Is there a better way digitally? You’ll come across “the art of the possible”.

The innovation mindset does not come automatically. It gently will have to be pushed.

People will have to be recognized and rewarded for their ideas. You’ll have to showcase all of this. You can have several hackathons- At one end. At the other end, you got to find our leaders who can just change their set mind of letting go. Instead, we need to have open and honest communication around what’s working and what’s not working. 

You don’t have to go and teach people this whole art of collaboration. And last but not the least, acknowledging that we are not the know-alls. We don’t know enough, we need help. As long as you are transparent, honest, and open about this, you will notice that this whole idea about the set mind is slowly changing.

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Rajiv: In the spirit of learning, what’s the one thing you do to keep up with the latest happenings in the digital world? 

Nathan SV: Listening to others and reading is what opens me to new perspectives. 

Our next speaker in the series is Sainursalwa Sani, Group Chief Human Capital Officer at SME Bank Malaysia. Be sure to keep an eye out for some interesting key takeaways from our conversation!

 Meanwhile, you can watch the full webinar recording below. 

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