The Importance of a Positive Corporate Culture

The Importance of a Positive Corporate Culture

The Importance of a Positive Corporate Culture

The Importance of a Positive Corporate Culture

Businessess and organizations have come a long way over the past couple of decades. If we look back to work environments in the 50’s, they were much, much different than they are today.

Companies like Google, Facebook and many others in the Silicon Valley have changed the way organizations function, and have redefined “corporate culture”.

Why does a positive corporate culture matter? Why should you strive to create one in your organization?

Here are the top ten reasons:

1. It helps facilitate your talent search. When an organization is in its initial stages, it is crucial for it to be able to find quality talent that will make their company grow and move in the right direction. If you have set a corporate culture for yourself, you will be better able to distinguish “who fits in” and who doesn’t- not just based on their resumes and skill sets.

2. It attracts top talent. As your company becomes recognized amongst industry members, it will inevitably gain a reputation as an enticing and enjoyable work environment. This type of reputation will then attract the serious talent you are looking for.

3. It retains talent. The chain keeps on going, as after having attracting the best and best-fit talent, they likely won’t want to leave your organization. Having an enjoyable work environment that allows them to grow with the organization can do wonders for talent retention.

4. It reflects your personality. There will come a point, once your work culture is well established, when you will no longer need to overlook everything and make all the decisions. The work culture itself will guide other leaders’ decisions, and ensure that they act according to the organization’s standards and goals.

5. It creates passion. If employees believe in the corporate goal and vision, they will be passionate about what you have created, and will be seeking to grow even further.

6. It is a competitive advantage. Most things in life, and in the corporate world, can be copied. There is one exception though. Corporate culture is unique. If you work to keep it positive and strong, you will never have to worry about competitors stealing it.

7. It unites employees. When everyone is working towards the same goal, employees will feel united in a cause. This leads to better teamwork and an increase in employee initiatives.

8. It’s fun. People spend a lot of time at the office, especially in the initial stages of organizational development. If the company is made up of like-minded people, who are driven towards similar goals, they will inevitably have fun together. The organization’s personality will spread and the company will benefit.

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