Immersive Gamification – Not just Points, Badges and Leader boards

Immersive Gamification – Not just Points, Badges and Leader boards


Traditional learning approaches are no longer engaging. Every learning & development professional faces this predicament of making training programs effective, impactful and engaging. The challenge is to make these programs relevant to a group of individuals who are social media savvy, often remotely located and hard pressed for time. Sometimes, corporates resort to online courses to tackle these challenges, but they come with their own limitations of engagement and retention. To overcome these by adding a layer of gamification is like treating the symptoms and not curing the ailment. At KNOLSKAPE, we believe that gamification of learning is here to stay, but we have to start thinking beyond points, badges and leader boards, to make learning future ready. The answer to that lies in the concept of immersive gamification.

Immersive gamification is imparting online experiential learning through business simulations. These simulations are compatible with both online and instructor driven courses. They have a universal appeal across generation and organisation levels, and are much more effective than normal gamification, due to the critical differentiators elaborated below.


1. Closer to Real Life:

Life is unpredictable, and with immersive gamification, KNOLSKAPE’s simulations are built to reflect the complex realities of life. It starts with having a storyline that is rich with constraints and opportunities. The influence of relationships between the stakeholders and emotions are built into the simulation. This ensures that the participant relates the learning directly to his life and doubts about ‘What is in it for me’ are dispelled right away.


2. Closer to Gaming:

Another key characteristic of these simulations is that they are as close to gaming as possible. The participant is playing the game in the first person mode; the progression is based on the action taken, and this affects the outcome dynamically.


3. Decision Making:

After all the learning has been done, a participant is expected to display his skill or knowledge by taking a decision. His expertise is judged by the repercussions of the decision. While conventional gamification has no scope to test the application of his skill, immersive gamification makes the participant take real life decisions in a safe learning environment. The results are immediately shown to drive the learning into the participant’s mind.


4. Causes Tangible Behavioural Change:

“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information” said Einstein, which is why immersive gamification can cause tangible behavioural change, which other approaches to learning might not be able to demonstrate. The resulting changes are effectively retained as they are a part of an experience – not a course!

In this age, when knowledge has become ‘Google’able, we have to redraw the frontiers of learning, to stay relevant. We at KNOLSKAPE are pioneering such an effort and believe that immersive gamification is the way forward. We talk about the future of learning, but we want to say that the ‘Future of Learning’ is NOW.

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