How Hiring Gaps Are Impacting India’s Education System

How Hiring Gaps Are Impacting India’s Education System

“How hiring gaps are impacting India’s Education system?”

A recent article on Wall Street Journal on India talks about how hiring gaps are impacting India’s education system. Indians are credited with excellent math skills, but a considerable number lack educational basics such as reading comprehension and communication skills.

It’s pretty hard to accept that in a country of one billion, companies are struggling to hire 100. India has been synonymous with the word “outsourced”, but now companies are looking for alternate options and have established a base in countries like Philippines and Nicaragua.

These education gaps are rampant because of various reasons like overbearing bureaucracy; focus on rote learning, inadequate and incompetent educators, outdated curriculum, etc. Vijay Thadani, chief executive of New Delhi-based NIIT Ltd. India very rightly puts it “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Government keeps tuition low, which makes schools accessible to more students, but also keeps teacher salaries and budgets low. In addition to all this the quality is hampered by incompetent tests where cramming is adequate to pass, malpractices in collaboration with test graders, etc.  A country which now has Engineering seats for 1.5 million, which nearly four times of what was in 2000 with all the above-mentioned issues the graduates, is definitely not industry ready.

Companies like Wipro, Infosys, TCS and various others invest a lot of time and money in making these graduates industry ready. They run internal training programs to address these education gaps. Graduates themselves often enroll in courses to improve their competency. This clearly explains there is immense need to upgrade and enhance the existing education system.

KNOLSKAPE is committed to address these issues both at education and recruitment level.

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