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GSK Pharmaceuticals uses Knolskape for leadership

GSK Pharmaceuticals uses Knolskape for leadership

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GSK Pharmaceuticals uses Knolskape for leadership


GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals (GSK) is one of the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the world, headquartered in Brentford, London. GSK’s product portfolio consists of prescription medicines, vaccines, and other healthcare products. In India, the company operates with over 4,500 employees, comprising the commercial team – feet-on-the-street medical representatives, Field Area Business Managers, and Regional Business Managers. These individuals are crucial for the continuous growth of the organization, and it is a priority to ensure their sustained high performance.

Therefore, a key goal for the learning team at GSK was to create a strategy for leadership development and a robust succession plan for the commercial team. GSK’s Learning Philosophy is centered around the 70:20:10 Learning Model – maximum focus on hands-on learning, followed by social learning, and finally closing the loop with formal training. Through a psychometric assessment conducted in-house by GSK, 80 Field Area Business Managers (First Time Managers) and Regional Business Managers (Middle Level Managers) were identified from a pool of 480 to participate in leadership development programs. The purpose of this assessment was to identify high-potential leaders, and develop the leadership pipeline, based on critical competencies. The identified participants were to go through two separate learning tracks, depending on their roles.


  • The existing learning methodology at GSK did not justify their learning philosophy. Instead, the existing learning methodology was:
    • a. Boring, and left the learners saturated, with an overload of theory and information
    • b. Unable to provide learners with immediate and actionable feedback
    • c. Did not actively engage learners, resulting in low knowledge retention, and skill development
  • A dispersed and constantly traveling learner base posed a challenge for the learning team to schedule learning journeys, and enable sustained learning and engagement
  • To develop the employees holistically, GSK needed an integrated solution that could develop behavioral competencies as well as technical/scientific knowledge of the learner groups

To read how KNOLSKAPE’s solution delivered results, please fill the request form. We will send you the full case study.

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