The Good and The Bad of Gamification

The Good and The Bad of Gamification

The Good and The Bad of Gamification

The Good and The Bad of Gamification

In companies today, Learning and Development departments are no longer is limited to providing employees with learning opportunities and theoretical on-boarding. Learning is constantly evolving and so are the tools with which it is delivered.

Companies have started to embrace the push towards digital learning environments, and are incorporating strategies such as e-learning and gamification to maximize their organizational learning potential.

This recent push has been accompanied by widespread hype and criticism- much of which must be cleared up.

If properly implemented, gamification and e-learning strategies can provide important benefits and a competitive edge to any organization.

However, as with anything in this world, there are pros and cons to the concept. Here, we will discuss some of the good and the bad of a gamified work culture.

The Good

1. Gamification increases employee engagement.

2. Gamification offers immediate signs of achievement and progress.

3. Gamification allows the best and brightest to shine.

4. Gamification is a new type of credential.

The Bad

1. Gamification is often not implemented correctly.

2. Mandated play isn’t really play

3. Gamification is an invitation to cheat and

4. Novelty tends to wear off

To learn more about these good and bad aspects of gamification as an innovative learning tool, click here.


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