go digital go obsolete

Go Digital or Go Obsolete Webinar – Register Now!

Go Digital or Go Obsolete Webinar – Register Now!

go digital go obsolete

go digital go obsolete webinar

The Digital Age is upon us and disrupting business across industries in a big way. Many of the boundaries that we have known to be absolute are blurring away, leaving organizations and their leaders with uncertainties and risks unfamiliar to them. The only choices are to respond in an accelerated fashion or risk irrelevance and painful obsolescence. Thriving in the Digital Age is not possible with technology alone. A digital-ready workforce is a critical element to Digital Transformation. So how does HR lead the digital agenda within organizations? As a part of the ongoing series of conversations, Microsoft – KNOLSKAPE are excited to present this Webinar on “Clearing the Digital BLUR™ – The role of HR in Digital Transformation” to focus on the implications of digital transformation for HR, how HR can catapult to be change leaders and not followers, and how traditional HR functions must be re-designed to be successful in this digital wave.

Key focus areas during the webinar are:

  1. Digital and its effect on HR and Employee Learning & Readiness (L&R)
  2. What is the role of L&R in the Digital Age? What should they look out for?
  3. How should L&R change to support business transformation?
  4. How can HR be the hero and lead the digital agenda in an organization by redesigning the traditional HR functions?


Pooja Mehra
ASIA Regional Lead (ProSkills)
Global Field & Partner Learning at Microsoft

Gurpreet Bajaj
Vice President – Solutions at Knolskape

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