Get Training Right the First Time

Get Training Right the First Time


Training has evolved tremendously over the past two decades. What once were binders of training manuals are now in the forms of engaging videos, interactive quizzes, and simulations. Although technology has provided us with efficiency and accuracy, the average person’s attention span has dropped by a third since 2000 when computers rose into popularity (National Centre for Biotechnology Information). However, to take advantage of technology, managers must pay attention to three factors when adopting or creating an online training program.

Th three crucial factors for any learning and development training program:

1. There must be a purpose for the training

2. The material must be engaging, practical, and up-to-date

3. The trainee’s new skill can be assessed and measured

Why The Three Points Are Important

Without a purpose or a goal, the employee is left unmotivated to learn, and without motivation the percentage of information absorbed is dropped significantly. So how can this be eradicated? The organization must create a positive work environment, one that fosters learning, and professional development. The manager (an important role in all of this) has to support the training and provide encouragement along the way. This can be done with frequent check-ins and follow-ups.

The actual material of the training program must be useful, relevant, and engaging. If the material doesn’t satisfy any of these elements, the ROI will be very low- this ties with the first point, as relevant training is a motivating factor to pay attention. To improve the learning experience for employees, the training should be engaging and novel. To strengthen the information retained, the new skills should be put to use right away. The information should also be up-to-date, as outdated information will only hold a company back.

Lastly, the training program must be assessed and reviewed for future improvements. Without the ability to assess the trainees, improvements for the training will be based on intuition, and not on fact. Additionally, the analytics derived from the training will help not only the company but also the employees.


Whether training programs are online or in-person, it is important that the three factors outlined are fulfilled. Though there are many elements to creating a successful training the first time, these three points are crucial to begin with.

With KNOLSKAPE, organizations will be consulted to unravel the problematic areas, provided with the solution(s), receive up-to-date immersive training programs, and given analytics from the actions taken by participants.


KNOLSKAPE’s award-winning simulations uses experiential learning and gamification to attract, grow and retain talent. Global Fortune 500 companies and Top-10 B-schools use KNOLSKAPE’s products and solutions for on-boarding, training, assessments, and talent engagement strategies.

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