Is Gamification the Way Ahead For Learning?

Is Gamification the Way Ahead For Learning?

Is Gamification the Way Ahead For Learning?

Is Gamification the Way Ahead For Learning?

Over the years, we have witnessed a maturing of corporate appreciation of how gamification can build the right learning environment. Gamification is more than just a buzzword now as it has already proven its impact in corporate learning. A significant number of millennial learners and an increase in mobile learning has only strengthened that position. So how does gamification really help, and is it the way forward for corporate learning?

Ways In Which Gamification Impacts Corporate Learning

The idea is to engage and make learning, and therefore, actual daily working a fun activity for the employees. And it works. A TalentLMS survey points to a staggering 79% participants believing that their productivity increases in game-like environment. To prove this theory, UC Denver conducted a study and found that learners score 14% higher with gamified learning. That is quite an increase in output.

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Having said that, the next obvious question would be to find out which gamification elements work in the corporate learning environment. The traditional approach would be towards timed challenges and activities, points and recognitions based on instant feedback and progression through levels. Game designers must have started thinking on incorporating some of these elements complete with progress bars, points and scoring, real time feedback on performance etc. But the real challenge here is to identify which of these really work and reinforce desired learning and working among employees.

With that settled, let’s take a quick look at some examples of gamification in real life corporate learning situations and see how it’s done.


Employee engagement and motivation

Bluewolf, an IBM company, uses gamification to get employees engaged and actively involved in growing the Bluewolf brand. The company created its own #GoingSocial program with a variety of initiatives that reward employees for internal and external collaborations, writing blog posts, sharing content on Twitter etc. As a result, Bluewolf has an enviable social media presence driven by the employees that engages potential customers at every touch point.


Employee wellness, health care cost reduction

Keas takes gamification to a new level of cool. The platform is designed to help organizations to lower their group health insurance costs and reduce expenses. Keas employs gamification to inspire employees from client organizations to chase health goals, rewarding them for achievements and even for supporting co-workers in achieving their health goals.

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The World Bank – Evoke

Solving World Problems

Evoke, a World Bank initiative is an educational game. The purpose of the game is to encourage youth take on some of the biggest social challenges in the world and develop innovative solutions to tackle them. Players face challenges across ten levels over a course of ten week. Successful completion earns them the “World Bank Institute Social Innovator” badge. When the game was launched in 2010, the badge was not the only purpose. Winners from the first batch of competitors received seed funding for their social enterprise ventures, travel scholarships to Washington D.C. to share their vision at the EVOKE conference and online mentoring from global business and social leaders.

There’s plenty of evidence about the effectiveness of gamification in corporate learning. Although, the thing to remember really is that gamification is merely a tool that needs to be used wisely. The trick is not to go in for gamification of learning for the sake of doing so, but with the clear objective of steer revenue and save costs by making people more efficient.


Bringing Experience Back into the Learning Process

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