Future Ready Managers: Overcoming Challenges of First Time Leaders

Future Ready Managers: Overcoming Challenges of First Time Leaders


Becoming a manager for the first time is a great feeling. However, this feel good factor may be short lived if these future leaders are not equipped to assume new responsibilities and skills while also being trained to assess a situation and react accordingly.
In order to be prepared for tomorrow, here are some key areas that first time managers need to focus on.

Knowing Your Team

To develop a team from ground up or manage an existing team can be difficult without knowing their motivations, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Typically, managers will not have the luxury to ease into this role considering that work pressure and customer demands will take higher priority. This only gets compounded if one is managing the teams across multiple geographies. Hence it is paramount that they take out time in the initial phase to know their team even before they start managing them.

Focusing On Individual Performance: 

Once managers successfully build their teams, they have to constantly monitor and manage their performance on a day-to-day basis to create high performing teams. It is essential that the manager works with each team member, sets the KPIs and KRAs, understands the performance gap of each individual and takes corrective or preventive actions to achieve planned business objectives. One-size fits all approach will not work, as each individual’s needs have to be uniquely addressed. The real challenge for managers is to duly identify under-performers, average performers and top-performers in their teams and accordingly devise a strategy and an action plan to keep the team motivated.

Creating Interdependent Teams:

With teams working across different geographies or even otherwise, a manager should be able to create interdependent teams which can collaborate with each other as well as work independently. The manager should also create and inculcate a culture of accountability where the members are responsible for themselves as well as for the team.

Understand Team Differences:

Hiring is easy, however hiring the right team is difficult. It is unlikely that everyone in the team will behave in the same way. Hence, differences are bound to exist in a team. The manager has to be prepared to handle any situations arising out of this and should strive to create a team–based work environment and bridge the gap that may exist due to cultural, regional or other differences. It is the manager’s duty to leverage the diversity, remove the differences, and bring out the best in each team member.

In the next edition, we will see four more areas that new managers need to focus on, to become future leaders.

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