Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have not received the course invitation mail?
    • You should receive the course invitation email from info@aktivlearn.com. Please check your spam/junk folders as well. If you still cannot find the email, please reach out to your organization’s representative, or alternatively you can drop an email to KNOLSKAPE’s support team at support@knolskape.com
    • The invitation email will look like the one below:
  2. What browsers can I use to take up the courses?
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 and above)
  3. What internet bandwidth do I need?
    • The course requires a minimum bandwidth of 3 Mbps. You can check your bandwidth using this link: https://fast.com/
  4. When I log in to the platform, I’m getting the error message: “Missing key-pair-id query parameter or cookie value” or “CSRF Token error”. What should I do?
    • Only while using Google Chrome browser, you may encounter this problem. Please follow the below steps to fix the issue
    • If you’re using, Google Chrome
      • Type chrome://settings/ on the url bar
      • Click on Site settings
      • Click on Cookies and site data
      • Disable Block third-party cookies setting
  5. How can I set my password?
    • You can follow the below steps to set your password
      • Click on the “Sign Up” button from your course invitation email
      • The sign-up link will take you to the AktivLearn Plus platform with your email address already loaded like shown below.
      • For the password, ensure you set it at 10 characters, including at least: 1 numerical, 1 Uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 special character. Eg: Abcd@12345
      • Please ensure that your password combination does not contain any part of your username
  6. How do I reset my password?
    • There are 2 scenarios to reset your password:
        • Goto https://plus.aktivlearn.com/
        • Click ‘Forget password’ link in the login page
        •  Enter the email id that you registered with
        • You will receive a link on your registered e-mail to reset the password
        • For the password, ensure you set it at 10 characters, including at least: 1 numerical, 1 Uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 1 special character. Eg: Abcd@12345Please ensure that your password combination does not contain any part of your username.You will receive an email like the one shown below
        • Use the new password to log into the platform
        • When you remember your password, but would like to change it
            1. Click the dropdown button (next to your name) on the top right corner of the platform and click the “View Profile” option
        • Click the button “Change password” that is located under your name and email id
        • Enter your current password and choose a new password that you would like to set
        • After setting the password, subsequently, you can use the new password to log into the platform
  7. How can I check if I my computer meets all the criteria required for accessing these courses?
    • Please follow the steps below
      • Choose one of the browsers from this list:
      • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 and above)
      • Go to this link https://prereq-checker.knolskape.com/ and check the status of all the links are shown as ‘Success’. In case any of the links fail, please reach out to your organization’s network administrator.
  8. For how long can I access the course assigned to me?
    • The course will be available to you to access anytime for the validity period. You can find the validity of an assigned course on the home page of your AktivLearn login.
  9. Can I take the course from mobile?
  10. Can I download the course material for offline viewing?
    • It is not available on the web version. Videos can be downloaded on the mobile app for offline viewing.
  11. How would I know if I have completed all course requirements?
    • A: Once you enter the journey home page, you can find the completion status of the course right under the name of the journey.
  12. When will I be eligible for a certificate?
    • Once you have finished all the mandatory activities inside the course, you will be able to download the certificate from the home page of the course.
  13. Can I pause the simulation and resume later?
    • Some courses have simulations. To pause playing the simulation, please ensure you logout of the AktivLearn Plus platform. Upon logging in again, you’ll be able to resume playing the simulation. However, we recommend that you complete the simulation in one go for best learning experience.
  14. My timer expired, and the simulation ended. Can I play it again?
    • No, please ensure you log out of the AktivLearn Plus Platform, if you’re not playing the simulation. Once completed, the simulation cannot be played again
  15. Can I access the simulation on mobile?
    • No, Simulations can be accessed only on laptop/desktop
  16. My screen is stuck. What to do?
    • Press the Shift+Ctrl+R button for a hard refresh. If the issue persists, write to  support@knolskape.com with a screenshot
  17. Why am I unable to move forward or see “next” action button?
    • Please check the screen resolution on your browser like the one shown below.
    • Reset the zoom percentage to 90 or 100%.
    • If you are using Google Chrome:
    • If you are using Internet Explorer version 9 and above
  18. How do I download the report again?
    • Please follow the steps below
      • Login to the AktivLearn Plus Platform: https://plus.aktivlearn.com/
      • Click on any of the courses assigned to you
      • Click on the simulation activity in the course like the one shown below
      • Download the report
  19. How do I get access to other courses that are not assigned to me?
    • You will have access to explore and request access to other courses only if your organization has opted for it. In such cases, upon logging into the platform you should do the following
      • Login to the platform using this link: https://plus.aktivlearn.com/
      • Sign in with your username and password
      • On you course home page, you should see “Explore Journeys” tab
      • You can check other courses under the “Explore Journeys” tab. You can either place a request for accessing these courses (or) you can enroll to these courses automatically. This depends on what your organization has opted for. Please check with your Organization’s representative
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