What Employees Think About Gamification

What Employees Think About Gamification

What Employees Think About Gamification

What Employees Think About Gamification

Recently, the hype and buzz around gamification has showered us with statistics on how it can help engage employees, enhance their skills, and increase productivity in the workplace.

We have learned about several gamification success stories and controversies, but have failed to explore employees’ opinion on the innovative learning tool.

So, how do employees really feel about gamification and other engagement software in the workplace?

TechnologyAdvice randomly surveyed 398 employees to find out their thoughts on adding digital engagement elements to their work.

Some of their findings included:

  • 70% of employees thought digital engagement programs would help at work
  • 54% said they would be more willing to complete their tasks if they were gamified.

These findings are significant- they help make a case for the value in giving gamification in the workplace a try.

Further, the amount of participants who believe gamification would help engage them in their work speaks to the current problem of workplace engagement.

Clearly, there are changes that should happen in terms of Learning and Development in the workplace. Employees are willing to give gamification and eLearning a try, now the question lies in how it will be implemented and whether it will work. There is no one-size solution for everyone, but gamification can definitely provide organizations with an opportunity to maximize their workplace potential.

Click here to read the full article on employees’ opinions on gamification and eLearning tools in the workplace.


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