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Digital Transformation Champion – A truly-effective transformation leader in the era of Digital.

Digital Transformation Champion – A truly-effective transformation leader in the era of Digital.

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Did you know that investments in Digital Transformation are expected to cross over $7.5 Trillion USD between 2021 and 2024?

Did you also know that only one in three Digital Transformation initiatives usually succeed?

Do you know what’s happened to the companies who have failed to transform themselves into Digital in the last few years?

During a global pandemic and a time of rapid organizational disruption, it is becoming inevitable for leaders in any organization to drive change initiatives while navigating increasingly complex and changing organizational structures, markets, and stakeholders. In an age where yesterday’s science fiction is becoming tomorrow’s history, organizations need champions for their digital transformations to build:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Culture
  • Digital Capabilities


To help organizations prepare for this transformation, KNOLSKAPE presents Digital Transformation Champion simulation, a unique simulation to help organizations create Transformation Champions who can enroll their ecosystems into a new, digital paradigm when needed.

This simulation helps in building awareness on the following attributes of a transformation champion:

  • Understand and learn the importance of strategy, capability, and culture in getting digital change outcomes.
  • Understand the importance of ecosystem adoption in bringing organization-wide change.
  • Understand the importance of outside-in awareness of the digital trends and the changes to unlock the art of the possible, sources of customer value, and changes in business models.
  • Understand the importance of influencing stakeholders even in scenarios where they may not have direct authority. They are open to crossing boundaries within and outside the organization to orchestrate ideas, people, and resources to get things done.
  • Understand how to communicate important concepts/ideas using data.

Digital Transformation Champion simulation is based on some of the widely used and relevant frameworks.


  • ADKAR:
    The Prosci ADKAR® Model is one of the most widely requested and sought-after models for change management. The model offers a structured approach to ensure that each individual experiencing change moves through the five phases necessary to make overall change successful.

© Prosci, Inc.

  • Digital strategy + Digital Capabilities + Digital Culture = Digital Outcomes.In order to bring in a digital transformation change, every leader in the organization needs to build on the strategic alignment towards the initiative, develop capabilities needed to adapt to the change, build and maintain a culture that sustains the change.
  • DIGITAL BLUR. In a digital transformation scenario, a company needs to focus on all three in the right proportion to ensure a successful outcome – which might mean better customer-centricity, more innovation, greater profitability, and faster growth. Digital BLUR is a unique framework created by KNOLSKAPE to help organizations and individuals navigate the disruption caused by the digital revolution. It is the core premise of the book, “Clearing the Digital BLUR,” by KNOLSKAPE’s CEO, Rajiv Jayaraman. The Digital BLUR framework defines how to leverage existing and emerging tools of the Digital era to convince people of the merits of the transformation one wishes to bring about.

BLUR is an acronym that stands for

  • Boundaryless organizations – where the organizational boundaries are blurring away.
  • Limitless digitization – where the line between physical, digital, and biological is blurring away
  • Unbounded innovation – where industry boundaries are blurring away 
  • Relentless iteration – were time boundaries around the now, new, and the next are blurring away


The Digital Transformation Champion simulation gives players the chance to drive digital in a true-to-life ecosystem, with digital-age actions, immersive environments, and realistic interactions. At the end of the simulation, each champion gets a detailed report on their performance that can help them improve their skills even more.

Nurture your mission-critical leadership with KNOLSKAPE’s brand new simulation – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION CHAMPION to drive change initiatives in the digital era. 

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Nivedita Bhardwaj – Sr. Product Manaer

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