trends to watch out for in custom learning in 2020

Custom Learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Custom Learning Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

trends to watch out for in custom learning in 2020

Custom learning has proved to be a very effective learning method. Consequently, the demand for custom learning is consistently growing. People are getting used to personalized solutions which is why they find custom learning more appealing. Not every learner responds well to the same techniques.

The Gates/RAND Studies have tested 11,000 learners for the effects of personalized- learning approaches. The results have shown that the longer students experienced “personalized-learning practices,” their achievement grows more. Through custom learning, the goals and needs of individual learners are recognized and prioritized. When instructions and training are tailored to address those goals and needs, the result will be more noticeable. For that reason, custom learning and emerging trends are under the watchful eye of anyone interested in improving their learning methodology.

Martin Seligman, the famous psychologist, speaks about the 3 Ps that prevent us from mustering courage, healing, moving on, and finding joy.

The Benefits of Implementing Custom Learning Trends in 2020

Keeping up with trends is relevant in every industry. As trends come and go very fast nowadays, you need to be in the loop of information that is valuable to your niche.

Implementing custom learning without following the trends can make your services outdated. The learner’s experience will be complete only if you implement the trends in your learning platforms.

The following trends will mark the year 2020 and you simply can’t overlook them. They will introduce you to some techniques and advancements that will improve the custom learning.

However, you need to keep in mind that not all trends need to be accepted and implemented blindly. The purpose of educating yourself about the trends in custom learning is to overview the type of advancement you can make in your learning platform.

Before you introduce innovation in your custom learning service, consider these aspects:

  1. How relevant the trend is for your learners?
  2. How the trend will align with learners’ expectations and goals?
  3. How the trend will align with your plans for custom learning improvements?

Now, that we’ve got that covered, let’s get straight to the trends that can be a huge step forward for your custom learning platform.

Top Trends in Custom Learning in 2020

  • Microlearning

Microlearning puts the emphasis on short-form, drop-in-drop-out learning rather than long-term commitment requirements. The research shows that microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more effective.

The reason why is that learners feel a greater feeling of accomplishment. It is easier to focus on smaller portions of learning material so the learners’ results will be better. When learners get to repeat the content at certain intervals the knowledge is cemented in their long-term memory.

Additionally, each section puts certain notions in focus and it is easier to pinpoint which parts are harder for learners’ to grasp. Microlearning is a trend that has seen a notable difference in learners’ results and should definitely be considered for improving custom learning plans.

  • Mobile optimization

The trend of adapting learning to mobile devices is something that you could’ve seen coming. This trend is simply a result of users’ demand.

The average American spends more than 5 hours on their phone. People’s addiction to mobile phones has inspired entrepreneurs and innovators to make their services mobile-friendly. Custom learning is no exception.

Mobile optimization in custom learning refers to the facilitation of on-the-go learning via a specialized app and responsive website design. The goal is to make the materials and learning experience available on mobile devices.

Amanda Dignan, UX design technologist at Studicus and TrustMyPaper explains: “With mobile-optimized custom learning, people will have a better chance to stick to their learning habits. They will have a chance to access the material whenever they have the time. Whether they are on the bus, taking a break, or sitting on their front porch, the learning materials will be in the reach of their hand.”

  • Collaborative learning

Engaging learning environment makes learning less tedious and more effective. With that in mind, collaborative learning is one of the trends that deserve our attention.

Collaborative learning means that there is interaction, discussion, and teamwork with other learners in the course. The engagement will encourage learners to be more present and think logically.

In collaborative learning, learners have to organize themselves and communicate consistently. This gives them an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, self-management skills, as well as communication skills.

Studies have shown that collaborative learning can also lead to higher involvement and better retention of knowledge.

Many organizations have already invested in making their learning platforms more collaborative and social. The LXPs (Learning Experience Platforms) and The NextGen LMSs both leverage collaborative learning.

  • AR/VR utilization

AR/VR can be seen everywhere. The technology is taking off and we can’t ignore its impact on custom learning.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) used to be an idea of the future and the cost was corresponding. With their immersion in different fields, the price is dropping and becoming more realistic.

In custom learning, mixed reality technology can be used to augment the learning process. It can add an edge to traditional learning forms.

Adobe Captivate 2019’s VR capability is a great example of this trend. They explained what the tool can bring their users:

Imagine if you could send your students of art and history on a virtual field trip to The Louvre or simulate high-risk emergency situations to train your first-responder teams. Design immersive learning experiences that can be delivered via popular VR headsets (e.g. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, etc.) to replicate real-life scenarios.”

Whether you are for or against VR, you can’t deny that this is an impressive innovation.

  • Personalized learning analytics

In order to improve the impact of training, analytics can be a crucial addition. Personalized learning analytics allow the learner full access to personal performance data all for more efficient future learning.

Access to their performance will help the learner to identify their weak and strong spots. Based on the information, they can work on continuous improvement.

The actionable insight will improve learners’ motivation, engagement, and facilitate the application of learning. James Kushner, an analytics expert at BestEssayEducation explains why personalized analytics is an important trend for 2020, “There is no more denying of how important analytics are for learner’s experience. Through analytics, learners are able to follow their educational journey, pinpoint their common mistakes, and focus on not repeating them.”

  • Learning personalization

Learning can be personalized in many ways. Missing out on this opportunity is not acceptable anymore. Some of the ways of learning personalization are:

  • Back-end assistance – Learners are provided with back-end information and help on their demand.
  • Curation – Content curation offers relevant content to the individual learner. The content will also be offered at the moment of the learner’s need.

Support for learners via trained tutors and experts – Tutors and experts can clarify any confusing notions. They can also further explain the material that troubles the learner.


Custom learning is here to stay but that doesn’t mean that there are no changes. The above-mentioned trends are reshaping the custom learning into a highly personalized experience for learners. Their importance lies in the value that they add to custom learning. If you wish to take your custom learning platform to the next level, these are the solutions that you should turn to.


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