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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude during these challenging times

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude during these challenging times

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[su_label type=”info”]Author[/su_label] Aditi A Kashyap

Cafeteria chatters and conference room huddles are now replaced by the disquiet we are experiencing, couped up in our socially distanced bubbles. The void felt in not having face-to-face physical interactions with our colleagues is deeply felt.

As we are going about adjusting to the “new normal” of virtual working, regularly practicing gratitude can be a panacea for improved mental well-being at work.

[su_quote]“Everyone working from home needs to hear that their work is being appreciated and that it matters.”[/su_quote]

According to a Gallup study, employees who do not feel adequately recognized are twice as likely as those who say they will quit in the next year. So, during tough times like this, it is even more necessary to thank your colleagues and recognize them for their efforts which will subsequently go a long way in improving retention and ongoing commitment to the company.

Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. Instead of feeling miserable about our current reality, practicing gratitude will help you find the silver lining, helping you to harbor more positive emotions, relish the good experiences, dealing with adversity, and building stronger work relationships.

People are juggling multiple priorities every day, battling home duties and work. Being thankful to your colleagues and sharing with them that their work is recognized is the right thing to do. Everyone working from home needs to hear that their work is being appreciated and that it matters.


  1. Appreciate each other in team huddles:  We are working remotely and saying a small thank you to someone in the team who helped you out with a task or filled you in on a meeting you have missed can lift the spirits of your colleague and improve the bonding in the team. Make a public acknowledgment in team huddles on how your colleague went that extra mile in helping you out.
  2. Be responsive in thanking your colleague: Responsiveness is one of the best ways to show your colleague that you truly appreciate their help. Showing gratitude in a timely manner, soon as the help is offered, shows the other party that you value the relationship and you wish to maintain that connection well. In addition, make the gratitude specific. Thank your colleague by citing examples of how s/he offered to help with the situation in context.
  3. Mail a handwritten note: A classic, handwritten thank you card can never go out of style. It is a classy and elegant manner of showing that you acknowledge the work done by your team member. Team it up by sending a small gift. Ramya Lakshmanan- Director of Customer Success at Knolskape sends gifts such as books and thank you cards to her team members in appreciation of their efforts. Ramya says, “Thanking team members should bring in an element of surprise amidst the monotony. I make sure I recognize their efforts in a timely manner for specific behaviors displayed to reinforce the positive behaviors I wish to see in the team”.
  4. Give a ‘Social Shoutout’: Show gratitude by recognizing the efforts of your team members on LinkedIn and Facebook or you can also choose to send a team-wide email.
  5. Say thanks to family members of your team members: Get on a call with the family members of your colleagues and thank them for supporting their work in these challenging times. George Panakal, Head of Consulting at Knolskape, who has implemented this in his team says, “Your colleagues’ families are a key ally in ensuring their well-being, and it is important that you seek their inputs in to determine if your colleagues are able to cope with the pressures of handling their multiple works and home priorities. The families are the first people to notice stress or changes in behavior, so being in touch with them enables you to take better colleague-centered decisions.”

Savoring positive moments is a close cousin to gratitude and studies confirm that, like gratitude, savoring can significantly improve happiness and a sense of well-being. Share the good news with your colleagues about any aspect of your life- be it personal or professional. If you and your team member achieved a task successfully working together, share it with the rest of the team. This builds relationships and boosts happiness in the workplace.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis and it’s important more than ever to leverage all the social tools and resources we have at our disposal to recognize and stay connected. We must learn to create a virtual, inclusive workforce connecting digital communities that thrive with recognition.


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[su_note note_color=”#cbcaca” radius=”4″]Aditi A Kashyap is a Senior Associate, Marketing at KNOLSKAPE. Her interest to write about learning and development trends comes fuelled by her professional background as a learning consultant having a keen interest to understand a learner’s psyche. [/su_note]

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