Christmas is close to our hearts!

Christmas is close to our hearts!

Christmas is close to our hearts!

Christmas is close to our hearts!

We just wrapped up a round performance based on the tasks given by our Secret Santas. At KNOLSKAPE we take this fun game very seriously. Many knollies still recall the tasks they got last year and the year before that. Not only this year, every year our office transforms magically into a land of cotton wool and Christmas trees  around this time. We even have our official Santa (our founder CEO)!

I often wondered what made this season special, after all in India we are not devoid of festivals to celebrate. What changes during this time? Is it the anticipation of a new year or is it because all our clients are on holidays, so we have more time for fun? I realized it is neither – the simple reason why Christmas is close to our hearts is because it is all KNOLSKAPE stands for!

Christmas is all about experience and so are we! Come December the world changes for better, we see a lot of snow, bells, Christmas trees, Santas, red and white is all around. No matter which part of the world you are in, these images are meticulously recreated to ensure that we all experience same festive spirit – irrespective of our affiliations. We too believe the same and deliver the same rich experiential learning to all our clients – irrespective of the industries!

Christmas is all about learning. Every individual during this time of the year, reflects on him/herself to understand what he/she has done throughout the year. This reflective analysis is in itself a learning opportunity to be a better person than we have been. Christmas is all about learning how to give more, accommodate more, and influence lives more positively. Learning is our mantra too. We too target transformation of talent to create better leaders, influences and bellwethers.

Christmas is also about fun. When was the last time you planned a sober Christmas party? It is all about enjoying with your friends, peers, relatives, and family. It is about embracing each other’s ideas and having fun together. Needless to say, fun is in our very DNA. We Knollies know how to have fun and also to deliver programs that make learning fun.

So here is wishing from all of us a fun-filled learning experience this Christmas.

Christmas is in our hearts  Christmas is in our hearts

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