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What Type of Learner are You?

What Type of Learner are You?

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According to Alvin Toffler, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” This simple truth got our team at KNOLSKAPE thinking. There are innumerable scholars, wise men across the globe who continue to dedicate their lives to learn but then, there are others who stutter, stumble and barely make it through. We wondered – why?

We, at KNOLSKAPE have been doing our part to engage learners and accelerate learning. In the process, we have identified some characteristic types of learners that we seem to find everywhere we look. We have created this list (for some laughs and reflection) so that word reaches far and wide about these different types learners. When you come across them now, you will be better equipped to engage them. If you can’t, guide them to the experts.

So, here’s our take on the types of learners that we have crossed paths with and how WE engage them.

The Easily Distracted Learner

The easily distracted learner, like his name implies, doesn’t need much to get distracted. Whether it is a ‘buy eggs’ Whatsapp message from home, or whether he thinks a cloud outside resembles a fire breathing dragon, the damage is done in the matter of a few seconds. Like a jealous boyfriend left alone with his girlfriend’s phone, this learner’s curiosity with the world piques strictly in the wrong places, especially when work is involved.

How we engage with him –

KNOLSKAPE’s micro-learning solutions are bite sized and easy to consume, allowing the easily distracted learner to amass knowledge in short bursts through engaging design and content on a mobile-first platform that perfectly caters to his short attention span.

The Bored Learner

We think ‘boredom’ is a fairly new phenomenon. The early man as we know used to spend his days braving sabretooth Tigers and giant mammoths just to get his breakfast. Can you imagine him being bored amidst all that adventure? The bored learner is the least productive person. She does not make the effort because she is bored, and the manager also loses sight of why she was hired in the first place, making it a lose-lose situation.

How we engage with her –

KNOLSKAPE’s gamification-based learning solutions are effective and engaging. The experiential learning delivered through an omni-channel method leads to seamless learning enabling a state of flow for the bored learner. Thus, these innovative tools engage with Bored Learners and motivate them to do better and deliver more.

The Unimaginative Learner
According to noted pop culture historian Mr Urban Dictionary, “Imagination is picturing that you can fly”. A lot of learners just can’t picture it. Their ability to soar is limited by the boundaries they set for themselves, thus hindering their progress.

How we engage with them –

KNOLSKAPE’s highly engaging simulations encapsulate well-researched, relevant, and challenging business, talent and customer-centric solutions. They provide a fun, immersive and memorable experience that help unimaginative learners learn more and do more.

The disillusioned learner

Ever wondered how some humans are aiming for the moon while others are still clicking on ‘Win free 10 nights trip to Jamaica’ pop-ups? The key, we believe, is motivation. Some learners are enthusiastic and are therefore motivated to do more. Others have experienced failure and disappointment. Hence, they become disillusioned.

How we engage with them –

KNOLSKAPE’s AktivQuest quizzing solution encourages team play through challenges, ensuring fun, competition, and social engagement, enabling the disillusioned learner to regain their excitement and stay motivated, through competition and social collaboration.

The Xerox Machine Learner
A great man once said (on his 5th glass of coke), “If you can’t create, copy!” The principle has been adopted with a great deal of zest by a lot of learners today. They are extremely comfortable being invisible and they embrace mediocrity, especially because it keeps them well out of the spotlight.

How we engage with them –

KNOLSKAPE’s arsenal of Assessment tools (over 65 and counting) range starts from neuro-games, simulations and other to cognitive tools for analysing the cultural fitment. These do not allow any xerox machine learner to stay hidden for long.

The Shy Learner
Legend has it that the apple that fell on Newton’s head did not think twice before falling. It just fell.  It didn’t think what the other apples would think, how much dandruff Newton had and other such myriad thoughts. Because the apple went ahead with its decision to fall, the world woke up to the phenomenon of gravity. The shy learner, however, as the very creative name suggests, is afraid to ask questions, afraid to answer them, even afraid to be seen or heard. As a result, she always falls short of reaching the extent of her potential.

How we engage with them –

KNOLSKAPE’s artificial intelligence and virtual reality solutions help build confidence in learners when they work with AI and VR. The users are exposed to challenging situations similar to real life, which enables interaction and gives them real-time feedback. Therefore, learners like the shy learner, learn and grow in a safe and comfortable environment.

Learning is so crucial for us. Hence, knowing all about the different types of learners is necessary to put forth your best teaching strategies, that augment the learning according to their unique learning style. So, have you experienced other kinds of learners? We’d love to hear about them.


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