Top 5 things Confucius would do to engage employees today!

Top 5 things Confucius would do to engage employees today!

Top 5 things Confucius would do to engage employees today!

Top 5 things Confucius would do to engage employees today!
Firstly, it is important to define the word ’employee engagement’ for us to be on the same page. An apocryphal anecdote will help us understand better. When John F. Kennedy asked an engaged janitor at NASA what he was doing, the janitor replied: “I’m helping to put a man on the Moon.”
In 2017, this janitor would most probably be engaging with his mobile phone busy tweeting how bad his job is!
Digital has caused an existential crisis, for companies and its employees alike. Consumerization of everything due to digital has changed the way companies engage with its employees and vice versa. Good news or bad news, it always becomes the best news and worst news today. Sharing on social media instead of letting the concerned person know is the new age information dissemination for the workforce. Amidst all this, how does one truly engage the employees?
Here is our take on what Confucius would suggest as the top 5 ways for employees to stay engaged,
1) It all starts at the top with the CEO and SLT. They have to make their employees part of their Grand Vision. When they hire for the job, they get workers. When they hire for a mission, they get warriors. Warriors are always engaged.
2) Measure your employees on results achieved ethically, and not the path they take to achieve the results.
3) Always communicate with your employees. No matter how bad the situation is, communicate. It’s when things go wrong, people jump ship. Engaged employees (or better known as loyalists) will wait for things to turn around in hope but they will not do so when they are not communicated with.
4) Promote/hire when there is a real need. When you don’t have a plan for your employees, they feel less important. Nobody likes to feel less important. They quit sooner.
5) The culture around work-life balance is a myth. However, work-life integration is real. Allowing employees to take out official time for personal work can help you get their personal time for official work after working hours. The best part is they won’t actually complain. Maybe this is why the freelance or the gig economy is growing at a rapid pace today.
Would love to hear how your favorite leader/strategist would engage employees in today’s time!

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