How to promote data literacy in your organization

How to Promote Data Literacy in Your Organization?

How to Promote Data Literacy in Your Organization?

How to promote data literacy in your organization

Acknowledging the power of data is one thing; instilling it in your culture is another. Even though upskilling your workforce is an essential step in the journey, data literacy is no small feat- It also requires you to think critically. The key to becoming data-literate is championing data literacy across your organization. 

Here’s how you can go about it-

Communicate the “Why” Behind Data Literacy- When it comes to data literacy, don’t overboard. Start with the basics. Discuss the benefits of a data-driven culture. 

Awareness of the volume of data we encounter every day is key to data literacy.

Make sure to explain why data literacy is so vital to your organization’s success. Once the “why” behind data literacy is out of question, people can start envisioning themselves as contributors of data. 

Understand Where Your Organization Stands in Terms of Data Literacy- Self-analysis is the foundation to promoting a data-literate culture. Start by asking questions like-

-Do we have the capability to handle data?

-Is my team ready to embrace the change data literacy will bring?

This helps develop an analytical approach to data-based decision making. 

Appreciate, Recognize and Incentivize Data Literacy- A data-driven culture often starts at the top. As a leader, you must first trust data, and feel comfortable using it in daily operations.

You should be able to guide by example and also ensure that everyone in the organization sticks to the same. You need to set standards that decisions made should strictly be focused on data.

Start conversations around data-driven decision making. Be actively involved in data initiatives. And most importantly never shy away from communicating the business value data-driven decisions can offer. 

Encourage Your Teams To Experiment, Learn and Improve With Data- Remember building a culture of data literacy isn’t a quick fix.

Give your teams an open space where they can play with data, fail, start over, as they try new approaches. Democratize trial-and-error!

Celebrate, even when things go wrong. Encourage your teams to rely on data. This way your team appears confident when talking or tackling data. 

Enable Data Democratization Org-Wide-So, we have troves of data being produced every next second but what’s the point if it isn’t easy to access? Data without actions is meaningless.

If you want your people to act on data and curate meaningful insights from it, you should switch from siloed to decentralized data.

Data silos not just lead to poor decision making but also create a roadblock for access. If leaders make it difficult to gather metrics, data literacy won’t happen.

Unless data receives enough eyeballs, it can’t be used for value creation. Thus, it’s important for teams across the organization to have access to the analytics to make informed decisions.

Leverage Data Storytelling-  People are hungry for great stories. A compelling story that gets past the complex graphs and colorful charts has a very crucial role in driving change.

Data storytelling coupled with data visualizations acts as a single source of truth and keeps people connected to the mission that leaders uphold.

Data storytelling takes people behind the scenes and shows them really what the organization is up to? Now if you can use data to demonstrate your values, you’re set!

Entertain Queries Around Data Literacy- Unanalyzed data is risky, so the more queries around it the better! Don’t be offended if someone walks up to you and asks, “Do we all see it the same way?” or “Is it contributing to our business goals?” “What stories do the data tell?”

These queries delve deeper and provide an accurate interpretation of your data. The more data interpretations, the better! 

Merely having a data science team doesn’t help build a data-literate culture in your organization. It’s about the mindset shift- how people in your organization think, behave and react to data.

Take into account the above steps as you progress towards becoming a data leader and you’ll have more data-driven individuals onboard!

Have more questions around building a data-smart organization? Let’s talk!

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