Excerpts from Tech HR 2017

Excerpts from Tech HR 2017

Excerpts from Tech HR 2017

Excerpts from Tech HR 2017

TechHR2017 was a great learning session for us with some intriguing talks and discussions on all things talent.  Dr. Rajshri Jobanputra, Head, Centre for Excellence (COE) at KNOLSKAPE, was an audience at most of the talks and discussions. Here are excerpts of talks that she felt were most valuable.

I am not sure what goes into a “life long learning” journey but I definitely know that a blissful 2-day learning journey comprises of learning on intriguing topics that are facilitated with the right amount of humour, depth, and real world examples” – Rajshri Jobanputra, Head, COE at KNOLSKAPE.

Rishi Raj Gupta: Session: Culture, Performance and Innovation@Facebook: 

In this talk, the speaker highlighted some of the Values of FB and offered concrete examples of each.  Why this session stood out for me was when he spoke about their value on Openness he gave the example of how Mark Zuckerberg addresses 3 key important questions raised by his people and this happens every Friday. No matter how hard hitting or difficult the question was, he would answer it.

Fons Trampenaars: Author, Riding the waves of culture, Session: Reconciling dilemmas for high performance

In this talk, the speaker highlighted the 6 steps process to address dilemmas. The beauty of this session was viewing the dilemma and its reconciliation through the culture lens.  His sense of humor, ability to make a joke about his Dutch background, and above all his captivating delivery made his sessions lively, and amazingly refreshing.

Kate Sweetman:  Session: Decoding the Reinvention formula

In this session the speaker wanted the audience to understand the nuances of helping others through the change initiative – she shared it through the formula called the Reinvention Formula: (D*F*A*E) L>C

D = Creating ‘dissatisfaction’ – need to question the status quo

F = Alternative Future – future that excites us

A = Alignment with success – what should (process, resources, etc.) align for success to happen

E= Concrete Steps – steps that will get us started towards the future we see

L = Who will lead – get others on board?

C= Perceived costs of change.

Tal Ben Shahar: Founder, Potentialife, Session: “Failing your way to innovation” 

The speaker here helped understand the significance of working on creating ‘psychological safety’ as the organization strives and insists on innovation.  The need to help create psychological safety for people to know that it is ok to fail while trying to experiment/make departures from the way things are.  He then set out to share ways in which these could be done at the workplace.

KNOLSKAPE was a gold sponsor & participant at the TechHR2017. As a modern workplace learning solutions provider, KNOLSKPAE had showcased its leading experiential learning capabilities/technologies at TechHR2017.

Click the link here to view the talk on learning at the speed of digital by Rajiv Jayaraman, Founder and CEO KNOLSKAPE –

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