best online communication tools for elearning teams

Best Online Communication Tools For eLearning Teams

Best Online Communication Tools For eLearning Teams

best online communication tools for elearning teams

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#eLearning is a trend that has been around for years but it’s only continuing to grow and improve. More and more companies, institutions, and teams are turning to eLearning as a form of introducing changes or adopting new skills and knowledge. In fact, by 2025 the eLearning industry is predicted to be worth $325 billion.

Therefore, it’s obvious that this is a growing industry. This is why it’s no wonder there are dozens of online communication tools you can use for eLearning. To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of the best online communication tools for eLearning teams.

Let’s take a closer look.

Why Use Online Communication Tools For eLearning Teams?

eLearning has completely changed the way we receive or transfer knowledge. Unlike traditional learning methods, eLearning has brought some benefits to the table.

Here are the strongest advantages of using online communication tools for eLearning teams:

  1. Time-saving:

    Students get to learn from the comfort of their office chair, home, or any location they choose. No need to travel.

  2. Interactive classes

    Unlike offline learning, here you have a direct connection to an expert who can resolve your doubts and answer your questions.

  3. Affordable

    eLearning is cost-effective due to the reduces resources you need to use (travel, accommodation, course materials, etc.)

  4. Re-taking lessons

    You can re-take a lesson to ensure the knowledge sinks in, unlike with the traditional form of learning where you only get to sit in a lecture once.

The benefits of eLearning are numerous. Once you choose the best eLearning tool, you’ll be able to experience the full perks.

What Are The Best Online Communication Tools For e-Learning Teams?

Now, let’s take a closer list at the best tool for e-learning available today.

  • Podio

    Podio is an online collaboration tool that can ensure your eLearning team is in sync. It’s designed to cultivate transparency and make it easy for each team member to participate equally.Podio offers features such as:

    • assigning projects & assignments
    • sharing project details such as the deadline or project manager
    • attaching files
    • open conversations on the project
    • Podio mobile app


  • You can access Podio using the app, wherever you are and it will stay synced across all your devices. You can share files, break down tasks and assignments and get immediate support from other team members in case you need it.Podio will make the learning and the teaching process easier and will support it from beginning to end.


  • Asana

    Another great platform for eLearning teams to use and collaborate on is Asana. This work management platform ensures the eLearning team stays on the right page and focuses on the same goals.

    Here’s what makes Asana highly recommended:

    • easy to plan and structure assignments, projects, and tasks
    • allows assigning task priority
    • gives a visual timeline representation of the upcoming work
    • helps the team stay in sync

    Asana helps communicate the right message to the right people and assign tasks that are easy to understand.

    The visual representation of the tasks will help team members keep track of their lessons and assignments, as well as help them prioritize each step of the process.

    It prevents the team member from getting confused, slacking, or falling behind the rest of the group.


  • Skype

    Skype is one of the oldest and most widely-recognized communication apps out there. With its advanced options and trustworthiness, it’s perfectly fit for eLearning teams to use and collaborate on.

    Skype allows users to:

    • have live video calls, one to one or group ones
    • share your screen while on call
    • share files
    • chat
    • record the lesson to share or review it later

    When sharing files with the rest of the team, make sure that you’ve double-checked it and proofread everything. In case you need help, check out Grab My Essay, Grammarly, or Wow Grade.

    So, Skype allows you to create and share a conference call, or participate in a live lesson wherever you are. And, you can access Skype from any device that has the app.


  • Trello

    Trello is another favored tool for eLearning and online communication of teams. It’s suitable for those online lessons that are complex and require great organization skills.

    Trello is based on boards, lists, and task cards. These features make sure the lessons are:

    • organized
    • divided into sections
    • open for adjustments and changes

    All team members will be able to access the eLearning projects from a device of choice and keep up with each project assigned.

    Each project is open for adding attachments, leaving comments and there’s a due date clearly stated. Everything the team members need is in one place.

    Planning, organizing, and conducting eLearning is made simple with this collaboration tool.


  • Slack

    Slack is a team collaboration tool with a truly unique and special approach. As they say it, they focus on team-first instead of individual-first approach.

    Slack is based on channels. These channels make sure that every member of a team has all the necessary information they need for participating in the project.

    So, for each segment of an upcoming lesson and each step in the learning process, there will be:

    • a channel created for all members that need to be informed
    • files, messages, and updates shared with everyone
    • open comments and conversation on the channel, on the subject matter

    Team members can be a part of different channels, depending on their needs, interests, and learning journey.


  • Microsoft teams

    Microsoft Teams is another top-notch collaboration platform that can turn the eLearning process into a smoothly running process.

    It comes with major benefits and we’ll break them down for you. Here are some of the best features that Microsoft Teams offers:

    • hosting audio or video calls for up to 10.000 members
    • screen sharing
    • note-taking during the call
    • recording the sessions
    • live chat
    • using integrated third-party apps for an improved experience.


In addition, there’s a subcategory of Microsoft Teams called the Microsoft Teams for education. This platform is designed specifically for online learning and with the teachers and students in mind.

Teachers get to:

  • create and share files
  • establish direct communication with students using chat, video calls, or meetings
  • share elaborate feedback on assignments and projects
  • create a grading system

It’s a platform designed to make remote learning easy and practical.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are some brilliant, easy-to-use, and highly efficient online communication tools that can be used by eLearning teams. Each tool offers something unique and allows you to mold your lessons accordingly. Choose the tools that fit your needs best and start using it to improve your eLearning efforts. You’ll be able to see the improvements almost instantly.



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