best personality type for a salesman

What is the Best Personality Type for a Salesman

What is the Best Personality Type for a Salesman

best personality type for a salesman

Many sales managers believe that extroverts are the best personality types to be in a sales role when, in reality, ambiverts are the most suitable for the position. First, let’s address what an ambivert is- ambiverts are people that fall in between the spectrum of extroverts and introverts. Ambivert people possess traits of both introverts and extroverts.

The qualities that an ambivert person has includes:

1. Listening Skills: A good salesperson or consultant will listen very intently to understand the client’s problems.

2. Enthusiastic Personality: Another trait that a successful salesperson or consultant has is a natural and genuine enthusiasm for the company he or she works for and the products they sell.

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Through this program, the participants will learn to:

1. Apply time-tested approaches for consultative selling to produce stellar results

2. Nurture trust by building credibility, maintaining reliability and being client-oriented

3. Ask insightful questions that uncover the unspoken problematic areas

4. Understand client’s pain points and generate options to best solve their issues


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