ways to succeed at project management

9 Ways to Succeed at Project Management

9 Ways to Succeed at Project Management

ways to succeed at project management

Project management is best carried out when it is in its simplest and most effective form.

However, project management is often far from simple. Timelines are not met, budgets are surpassed and conflicts arise during the completion process.

Leaders across industries must be prepared to deal with adversities and ensure that the projects are successfully completed.

This CIO article by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff provides nine secrets to successful project management:

1. Ensure that you have full project details before starting. 

2. Have the right (and right-sized) project management team in place. 

3. Set expectations and goals up front. 

4. Be clear on who is accountable for what, and set clear deadlines. 

5. Don’t micromanage- ensure a positive balance between guiding the team and allowing for individual work. 

6. Choose an efficient system for managing the project- one that everyone can use. This allows for smooth communication and sharing of information. 

7. Keep team members motivated by rewarding them when milestones are reached. 

8. Hold regular project status meetings (or calls). 

9. Build in time for changes, 

To read more about these important secrets to successful project management, click here.


PROMAN, by KNOLSKAPE, is a gamified Project Management simulation that builds on the concepts of the 5 performance domains and 10 knowledge areas of the Project Management PMBOK framework. Through a series of real-life situations in our well-designed game, the participant is able to step into the shoes of a project managers day-to-day.

Through PROMAN, participants learn several valuable lessons on Project Management such as the importance of time, resource, cost and quality management while always managing the project scope and driving successful completion with high customer satisfaction. PROMAN allows participants to become pro’s at managing projects of any size and scope.

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