7 Secrets for A Great Corporate Culture

7 Secrets for A Great Corporate Culture

7 Secrets for A Great Corporate Culture

7 Secrets for A Great Corporate Culture

When you think of the most successful companies in the world, what comes to mind? What are the characteristics of the companies you are picturing?

Out of all the companies you could possibly be envisioning, one thing holds true for most of them: successful companies tend to have a strong and positive corporate culture.

These companies have managed to create cultures that customers and employees have fallen in love with. It is this way that they are able to drive unprecedented business success that continues to grow as years go by.

A Bain & Company Survey found that currently, of 365 companies around the world, 81% believe that a company without a high-performance culture is most likely to be mediocre.However, only 10% of companies in the world succeed to build such a culture in their organization.

Culture is incredibly important as it can set the tone for success in any industry. If you are seeking to create change within your organization, you should consider some of the top tips to create such a culture in your organization. There is no doubt you will benefit from them.

Here are eight steps for creating a winning corporate culture:

1. Learn from the past. Examine corporate cultures of organizations you have worked with previously. What worked, what didn’t?

2. Keep it authentic. Corporate culture should come naturally- it will be aligned with your business mission, your industry and personality. Never “force” a corporate culture that is not authentic.

3. Create rituals. This is one of the most important aspects of a strong work culture. Rituals, stories and rites of passage help create and sustain corporate culture. Think of weekly lunches, celebrations for reaching milestones, or different stories and rites of passage for new employees.

4. Hire for fit. Look for employees who have personalities and attitudes towards work and life that fit with your culture. Job prospectives might have impressive work experience and resumés, but unless their personality and way of working meshes with that of your organization, they willl not be a correct fit.

5. Express your corporate culture in everything you do. Your corporate culture should be expressed in the design of your office, the tone and appearance of marketing materials, the way employees interact with customers, and many more.

6. Create a mission statement. Think of a sentence or two that encompass your business goals, philosophy and differentiators. This will act as a reference point for maintaining your corporate culture. Involve as many people as possible to create this mission statement.

7. Check in periodically. Assess your corporate culture periodically to ensure it is still working for your business. Be ready for change, as the corporate culture that works for your business in the early stages might not be effective later on.

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