Case Study Challenge: Lateral Hiring or Lateral Thinking

5 Attributes Of A Great HR Department

5 Attributes Of A Great HR Department

Case Study Challenge: Lateral Hiring or Lateral Thinking

When it comes to managing the human resources of an organization, not all HR departments are created equal. Large organizations are blessed with the resources to hire multiple HR professionals, while the smaller ones may not have the same resources to put into this core business function. But even then, a well-staffed HR department is no guarantee to effective HR policies. So what is? Let’s try to address that.

Where to begin?

Most people believe that to counter the effects of bad HR, you need to create a technology-crazy, hyperactive, hyper-vigilant department full of people that obsess over everything from big data to behavioral psychology. That’s not true.

All you really need to do is to pay a little more attention to people.

Forget reactive, be proactive

HR doesn’t always have to be a cost center for the organization. Take a look at Amazon. A rather critical article in the New York Times last year talks about the lengths that the company goes to push employees to their limits. But most of those employees who feel pushed beyond their limits also claim that they have learned so much from that system of working. “I was so addicted to wanting to be successful there. For those of us who went to work there, it was like a drug that we could get self-worth from,” says Dina Viccari who worked at Amazon between 2008-14. A sentiment like this is possible only if the HR department makes the effort to induce competitiveness in the workplace for each employee at every level of the organization.

Protection of personal data

Paperwork rules the HR world. Filling out forms to get anything done is the norm. Having said that, protocols are necessary when dealing with intensely personal information of the employees like banking, social security etc. Ensuring that such data is always protected at all costs is not an option anymore.

Ensuring accountability

Balancing compliance with accountability is an art that your HR department should be totally at ease with. Running a business involves taking risks, and HR cannot regulate such business decisions. But it can and must ensure that any risk must be accompanied by accountability should things go wrong.

Something in it for everyone

It is HR department’s job to ensure that the management is always aware of the employee’s needs beyond the monthly paycheck. It can be something as simple as a pizza break day at work, or something more creative and worthwhile like volunteering at an NGO or something silly like paint-balling, but HR has to ensure that employees are never treated like robots.

Fairness is visible to all

HR cannot always guarantee meritocracy at the workplace. However, a great HR department makes it their job to ensure that fairness is visible to all employees in every decision of the management.

Not everyone gets to lead an organization to greatness, but everyone can be a part of that journey. These are some of the basic things, but when done right, they can make a whole lot of difference for the organization and in the lives of the employees. And if it makes a difference in someone’s life, then administrative work is not optional, it is necessary.


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