10 Habits of Great Leaders

10 Habits of Great Leaders

10 Habits of Great Leaders

10 Habits of Great Leaders

What makes a great leader? Is a leader made, or born?

Pinpointing the characteristics that can make an individual a great leader is an extremely difficult task. However, there are several behaviours and habits that great leaders tend to demonstrate on a daily basis.

These are ten of the most important ones:

1. Effective Communication

Great communicators have the ability to inspire and influence people by speaking directly to people’s needs.

2. Generosity

Generous leaders constantly share praise and celebrate other’s successes. They genuinely seek to inspire others to achieve their maximum potentials.

3. Humility

Great leaders are humble and don’t see their position as an authority over everyone else. They are willing to do the “dirty work” whenever needed.

4. Self- Awareness

Self-awareness is the most important component of emotional intelligence. Self-aware leaders have a good idea of their own strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to maximize their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

5. Adherence to The “Enhanced” Golden Rule

The Golden Rule says that one should treat others like one wants to be treated.  Great leaders take this rule to the next level by treating each person like he or she would like to be treated. Their awareness allows them to realize what drives those around them and cater towards their personal needs.

6. Passion

Great leaders are passionate about what they do and their job. Their innate enthusiasm moves all those around them.

7. Ability to Influence Others 

Great leaders know that an idea is only as strong as they make it to be. They are effective story tellers that can paint a compelling verbal image of their vision and thus influence others to adopt it as their own.

8. Approachability

Great leaders are aware that collaboration is necessary to build an organization’s success. Approachable leaders facilitate the flow of ideas in the workplace.

9. Sense of Purpose

Great leaders create an environment where people can feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Rather than simply having a vision, they understand WHY they have it.

10. Authenticity

Great leaders have a natural alignment between what they say and do. Their transparent nature portrays a confidence in the fact that they are not perfect, but they earn respect by always doing as they say.

Click here to read more about these habits and how you can incorporate them into your own leadership style.


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